best 2000
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This is the best of music section (duh). for all you mean ppl, i have reasons for my choices which are listed...that's it. enjoy.

  1. good charlotte- good charlotte:
    well, this album went from not being on this list, to being number 9 to being number one. I love good charlotte. this album is the greatest (even if it's a copy) and i shouldn't really have to explain why i love good charlotte, so i won't. go to my gc section, or to my gc webpage .:canadian:gc:girls:. for more shtuff....:P

  2. eve 6- horrorscope:
    this cd rocks. i like every single track on it. faves have to be rescue, here's to the night, on the roof again and amphetamines. it was so worth my $18. and they're even better live...

  3. No Doubt- Return Of Saturn:
    i liked most of the songs on this and i was so happy to see gwen with pink hair, but now i'm glad she went back to blonde cause the pink lost its touch once that 'pink' singer girl came out with an album. ok. my fave songs were bathwater, six feet under and too late. and suspension without suspense. oh and if you wait abotu 2 mins after the last track, you get a too late instrumental thing that sounds really nice.
  4. papa roach- infest:
    this cd is amazing- actually better than i expected. please stop comparing them to limp bizkit. ok. i love the cd, i love coby dick...the lead singer...don't get all nasty on me...eew....k my fave tracks are : between angels and insects, binge, thrown away and the bonus track, "tightrope"...
  5. silverchair- best of...vol 1:
    i so did not steal their name. ok. the A sides cd was boring cause i already heard and owned everything on it, but the B sides cd was really good cause i got some so-called "rare" tracks even tho i had some of them. it was still good. i recommend punk song 2 and anas song acoustic, if you care.
  6. incubus- make yourself
    a 99 release, i know, but i love incubus...brandon boyd's voice is just so amazing...these guys can really manipulate their instruments to make a genre of their own...that's why i don't like categorizing them. This album, as well as horrorscope and silverchair's b-sides are in my cdplayer right now and they haven't left it for a long time. i like every song on this disc but my faves are drive, stellar, i miss you, the warmth and nowhere fast.
  7. red hot chili peppers- californication:
    yeah, i know it was 99 but i live in the was a good album and the title track and otherside were my faves...scar tissue was good too but it got way too much media attention and i got sick of hearing it...but it's ok now...

  8. mxpx- the ever passing moment:
    i didn't put this on here just cause mike is hot. i really like this cd, even though i don't own it...well my absolute fave songs on this one are buildings tumble and my life story...
  9. big shiny tunes 5- various:
    i'm really running out of good albums to write saved me from having to buy sum 41's cd, as well as a lot of other ones i didn't want to waste money on...but it was mostly filled with overplayed muchmusic shit...from now on, i'll just burn my own compliations off napster...a lot cheaper and easier

well, that's it for now, cause i don't feel like doing any more (yes, i am a primadonna)...until next year...-melissa