melissa's best of...list 2000
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Here it is, the event you've all been waiting for- the second annual melissa's best of...list. Just admit that you love this list. OK. Well, since Muchmusic didn't have any space between Britney Spears live and Christina Aguilera live for me to broadcast my televised version of the list, this will have to do. I'm sure they'll pick it up someday. AS usual, my HTML is a pathetic sight, and the list is late *gasp* this year because i got a new computer *yay* and we had to change the net connection blablabla. Moving on to the good stuff. Click on any of the links below to see my best of lists for each category. If you see any typos, ignore them. If you want to complain about what i picked and have legitimate reasons, then please be so kind as to email address is located in the frame above (yes, it is there, scroll down). However, if you demand to know why britney spears, the backstreet boys and/or (insert your favourite band/group/piece of crap who don't play any instruments or write any music here) aren't on my list, spare me. So click one of the links below. PLEASE?