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My Memories

Birthday's, Mother's Day, Grandparent's Day, Christmas

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A unique gift idea for any of the occasions above. The My Memories kit consists of a homestyle jar with at least 52 slips of paper that asks you questions about your life, also included is a book that you tape the slips into and answer the questions in story form. It also has a pocket where you can keep your family keepsakes. Order now, don't let your past go forgotten.

We have 4 different kits available.

View cover of Grandmas Memory

    Each kit costs $19.99 or buy all 4 for the low price of $69.99.
    Shipping not included.
    We accept check, money orders, or cashiers check. Please make
    payable to: My Memories
    Checks take up to five days to clear, Mo's & Cc's shipped
    Call toll free / 1-877-MEMMORY, in Arizona call/ 623-516-233
    or you can e-mail your order and as soon as we receive your
    funds we will ship.


                                                                     My Memories
                                                                                 4907 W. Morrow Dr.
                                                                                  Glendale, Az 85308

Email: My Memories


And lastly, but more importantly, thanks for your business.