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Murthy's Paradigms

Dr. KRS Murthy has developed many new paradigms through out his life. The areas include literature, theatre, music, films, TV, poetry, fine arts, advertising, public relations, brainstorming, science and technology. He is the founder of Virtual Think Tank (VTT). VTT is a forum for creative thinkers. Please contact Dr. Murthy if you want to be associated with VTT. It is FREE. Please feel free to contact him for detailed discussions by e-mail or phone. He can be contacted at (510)-792-8425 anytime. Email contact:

Murthy's Paradigms are in the following areas

Links to the different pages of his paradigms and also other recommended links

Paradigms in Literature
Virtual Think Tank
Kannada Poems by Murthy - Requires Baraha Software
Experiments in Indian Classical Music
Foundations of Indian Classical Music
Murthy's English Poetry
Baraha Software - Download to read Kannada poems
Rajan's Art page-music etc.
Murthy's new poem on creativity
Job Openings in Virtual Think Tank


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