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My comments.

I have found over the years Eham should be used as a guide. I have observed that someone in Eham, edits (or censorship) which feedback's are left on site, and which ones that are actually removed from the site.

Keep in mind there are 2 sides to every story, and usually a less than favorable feedback has some basis in truth, the customer was left upset. It is also true that most negative feedback is exaggerated to some degree or another, and there is the shop's side of the story. Unfortunately, and probably for good reason, Eham does not offer the shop's a place to offer a rebuttal. Which is probably Ok, because then it would just be like so many forums, where bickering takes over.

I personally try very hard to make quality repairs, in a timely manor. I am a small shop and human. I encourage any customer who feels less than adequate service has been received, to contact me, and allow me the opportunity to correct the situation.

I encourage all hams to leave their comments about service shops, without them there would be no reference for other hams to go by.

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