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New attempt to unravel Tunguska mystery

18:04 2004-07-23


A mysterious objectfell from the sky and hit the earth near the Tunguska River in north-central Siberia on June 30th,1908 The blast from the impact was estimated to have been equivalent to thirty-megaton bomb, thatís approximately 1000 times greater that the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. So what was it?


It couldnít have been a nuclear explosion because it happened 40 years or so before the atom was split. Another reason this is so mysterious is because it was said to have changed direction in order to avoid hitting a town.


The facts that we do know are as follows (1) the blast devastated approximately 800 sq miles of forest.(2) It changed direction as it fell, and (3) it was witnessed by 100s of people.


The expedition intends to find proof that an extraterrestrial spaceship and not a meteorite crashed at the site. The expedition chief Yuri Labvin is head of the Tunguska Space Phenomenon public foundation.

Using metal detectors, 14 members of the expeditions want to examine the taiga near
Poligus Township and the Stony Tunguska River.

The search area is located 500 km to the west of the site where previous expeditions were looking for the meteorite's remains.

According to Mr. Labvin, space photographs of this region show the presence of metallic debris, which can be related to a technogenic catastrophe, which occurred here 100 years ago.

The expedition will return to
Krasnoyarsk on August 5.