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About 60 to seventy years ago this skull was found by a teenage girl in a small rural village about 100 miles from Chihuahua, Mexico. She went there to visit relatives, and while there explored the immediate area. Finding numerous caves and mines to explore she soon found herself exploring one of the mines. In the back of this particular mine she discovered a complete human skeleton lying face up on the ground. Beside it, was a malformed hand sticking out from the ground holding the upper arm of the skeleton she found. She scraped away to the dirt to reveal another skeleton, malformed and smaller than the first one. The girl took both skulls and kept them till well into her later years and due to her poor health she gave them to an American man who kept them for some years and then he passed them on to a couple who now owns and controls them.  Because the skull is so different than that of a human it could only be one of three things; (1) A pure alien Gray type, (2)| A Gray-human hybrid; or (3)the most bizarre human deformity since the elephant man.


Check the link below to read more about the Starchild Project.  With photos and updated reports that will convince you like it did me that the skull is genuine.


Source of Story and more photos: