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Tourist bosses claimed they hatched an egg taken from Loch Ness


Cheeky water bosses at the Gota Canal hope the 'son of Nessie' will lead to a tourist boom. They insist they were given the egg three years ago and it hatched recently. The Gota Canal, which stretches for 220 miles, already attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and has tourist offices at various points along its length. Their 48-page brochure says: Representatives of our Scottish twin, the Caledonian Canal, presented us with a huge, light-green egg from the world-famous loch-monster, Nessie, in Loch Ness. The egg was lowered into the Vattern and now, in 2004, it seems that a baby Nessie has hatched. 'This summer we went on an expedition by boat to the place where the egg was left.

To our great pleasure, we found an eggshell - and now more eyewitnesses are seeing inexplicable phenomena on the lake. Two towers have been built over Lake Vattern for Baby Nessie watchers, with books written for youngsters.

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