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Weird World Magazine
November Issue 2001

Holographic data storage

In approximately 3 to 4 yrs from now it will be possible to store 1tb of memory, What? What is tb? It's one terabyte or 1 trillion bytes of data. This is equivalent to about 1000 CDs. Most computer only hold 10 to 40 GB of data.
This idea comes from Polaroid scientist Pieter J. Van Heerdern. He thought up the idea in the 1960's believe or not. Now scientists at the RCA labs are demonstrating the technology by recording holograms in an iron-doped lithium-niobate crystal, and 550 holograms of high-resolution images in a light sensitive polymer material. 

IBM researchers say that as early as 2003 we should have a desktop holographic storage device with a capacity of 125gb and transfer rates of about 40mb per second. Eventually, these devices could have storage capacities of 1 TB and data rates of more than 1 GB per second -- fast enough to transfer an entire DVD movie in 30 seconds. Guess, I'll wait a few years for my next desktop.

Call Me Now!
from The Associated Press

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — I could have predicted this one.  An Illinois Attorney is filing a lawsuit against the Miss Cleo firm for fraud. The lawsuit accuses them of encouraging viewers to call a toll-free number to receive "free" psychic readings".

The complaint goes on to say that most viewers never get the free reading. The ad says that the viewer is asked a lot of questions and/or put on hold. By the time  the "psychic" gets on the line, most of your free minutes are gone and you are billed till you hang up.

Another accusation is that the ads on TV actually show no actual psychic readings but rather actors doing reenactments.

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Space Adventures

Do you want to fly in space, experience Zero-Gravity, train like the astronauts, Travel to the Edge of space? Then click on the Incredible Adventures Icon and check out that site.


Black Holes 

In a galaxy not far away, to be more specific, galaxy MCG-6-30-15, has given scientists' new information on black holes. Previously, they believed that Black Holes consumed energy. Well, now they believe that they give off vast quantities as well when they come into contact with magnetic fields of gas.

Scientist from American and Europe say that the heat produced from this friction is about 10 billion times greater than the heat coming from the Sun.

The core of our own galaxy, the milky way, has a supermasive black hole, containing millions of billions of suns which are compressed into an area about as big as our solar system.

The picture at right is an artist's rendition of the Black Hole in the core of the galaxy named MCG-6-30-15

Internet Video Webcast

Campaign for Disclosure Witnesses Panel Originally Broadcast Live on Wednesday, May 9, 2001 

This conference took place on Wednesday, May 9th, of this year. Many government officials attended the conference. Evidence and eyewitness testimony were presented. Dr. Steven M. Greer, director of the Disclosure Project hosted the event.
Click here to go to site to see and hear the conference. They have it on RealAudio.


Man carries out promise to cut off tongue for goddess

A farmer in India told everyone how much he admired the Hindu goddess Durga. He promised everyone that on Navrati, a nine day Hindu festival to honor good over evil, he would slice of his tongue and offer it to the goddess Durga. Noone took him seriously and you guessed it. HE SLICED IT OFF!


Woman mails son's ashes to student loan companyThanks Mom!

A student loan company, Sallie May, did not believe a woman that her son was dead. They insisted that the loan be paid back. When she told them that her son was no longer among the living, the loan company wanted proof. Frustrated, she sent them her son's ashes in an envelope. Well, when they received it, they thought it was a case of anthrax. The authorities were called to examine the strange powder but the exam revealed that the powder in the envelope contained human ashes, specifically those of her son. Needless to say the loan was discharged and the ashes were returned to the woman.

Psychic plans TV séance with New York victims

The show "Crossing Over With John Edwards", will be doing a show in an attempt to communicate with those lost at the World Trade Centers. This has caused some controversy between those who believe that this is in bad taste and those who condone it due to the fact that they believe in Mr. Edwards ability to communicate with the dead.

The show said that due to the many requests from the family members of those that died, they decided to go ahead with the show that will air sometime in November. The show airs on WCBS-TV New York and other stations nationwide, as well as on the Sci-Fi cable channel.

John Edward is an internationally-acclaimed psychic medium with a huge following of people who have found in John genuine and accurate after-death communication.... (click on pic for his story)