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Soulgasm 2001

(first off sorry all I can offer at the present time is alot of band bio text and a few photo pages) UPDATE: Since the last time I edited this page, We unfortunately lost Ron O'Conner an inspirational vocalist because of technical difficulties that cannot be explained, out of respect. Billy and Richie (Coupe) both started playing at the age of thirteen and implicate breath-of-work, focused musicianship, and a seriousness toward their music. The bands focus on technique and musicanship is due to the utter decandance of skills and performance of commercial bands in the passing few years and the influence of Jazz musicians who dedicated their lives to the purity of music. "Soulgasm" is a new band originally from New York, trying to find success on the West Coast. We are located in San Diego, California, near San Diego State University. Soulgasm's sound can best be described as an alternative band spliced with influences of Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Blues and the occasional heavy edge. The band's two major composers, William Michael Vanders and Rich "Coupe" Cimino try to blend a very technical focus on music with a concentration on writing good songs. Soulgasm's versatility is probally our greastest attribute, with our two founding members having "learned by ear" and then went to the same college majoring in Jazz Theory. Soulgasm's sound has changed (hopefully for the better) over the past few years. With the loss of Ron O'Conner, the band almost took a dive in late 1999, but since has returned with great success. Billy Has stepped up to the plate in effort to replace Ron as vocalist, forming a new power trio. The new line up is William Michael Vanders on lead Vox and Lead Guitar, Richie "Coupe" Cimino on Bass and Backing Vox, and Derek Sparkman on Drums and Backing Vox. Our music has been described as "Sheer thickness of melodic funk basslines combined with the raging sound of an angry, oppressed blues guitarist." Powerful yet melodic vocals combined with innovative lyrics tops off our sound. Songs like "New Funk", "Acid Rain Dancers", "Mouths of the Damned" and "Late Nite Blues" bring an educated, concise and amazingly poetic outlook on urban life in the twenty-first century. Overall, Soulgasm has an innovative new sound which hasn't forgotten about it's roots. Just a little history, The band formed in Middletown, New York and recorded a demo late in 1996, (featuring Dave Mele' on percusion)under the name Stone Crow. It was a three song suite mixing a more Alternative rock with Fusion Jazz and linked each of the songs together compositionally by changing variations of the chord progressions. It was called "The Liquid Sky Suite" an included the three songs, "New York", "Without Ophelia", and "Shine On". Billy Vanders (guitarist/vox) and Richie Cimino (bassist) met while attending Orange County Community College's Jazz performance program, were we both studied under Chris Parker a relatively well known Jazz composer / performance artist. Both graduated with degrees in Jazz performance and decided to begin a small rock recording project. Billy met vocalist, Ron O'Connor on a pizza delivery and had asked him if he wanted guitar lessons. During the first lesson Ron began singing over a folk song and Vanders realized the potential he had for becoming their lead vocalist. Ron was asked to join up for the recording with the help of Dave Mele' and recorded only four months later. Two days later Ron moved to New Orleans, Louisanna. Billy, attempting to move on in his education in Jazz, relocated in San Diego, California, early in 1997 to attend San Diego State University to finish his Bachelor's degree in Jazz composition. Richie and Ron finally made it out to Cali in the summer of 1998. At that time the band was been working was new material. We were hoping to break into the San Diego/Los Angeles scene. The bands sound had changed dramatically since thier first recording, and came up with the name "Misery Loves Co." which applies more to the band getting used to living with each other. Late 1999 Ron O'Conner left the band and returned home to NY. Billy Played for a few local San Diego Bands (Flyer Lounge and Collage Menage). Early in 1999 Richie and Billy decided to reform under a new name "SoulgasM". Incorporating a new found "funkier" sound, the Band auditioned for a new drummer and met up with Derek "Take Your Shit Home!" Sparkman aka "Bam Bam". Derek immediately clicked and SoulgasM was born. SoulgasM has been working since on thier material and is prepared to perform San Diego Music Scene for Summer 2001. We have one of the most powerful yet complimenting bassist / guitarist combo's in the industry today. Unfortunately we have not had very good luck up to this point. The next step is performing and accumilating some cash for a recording, hopefully by the end of summer. We are also looking to get picked up by a label. Keep an ear out for us this summer, you won't be dissapointed. Sincerely, Bad Billy Vanders, Richie "Coupe" Cimino, And Derek "Take Yo' Shit Home" Sparkman of SoulgasM P.S. (we will eventually have sound clips when We get some more money) P.S.2 (I know this web page sounds like alot of B.S., but we really have great music!)

Current Original Song List (Copywrite 1996, 1999, 2001)

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