My Mama Used To Say
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By: Marilyn F. Hall
"My Mama Used To Say" is written by Marilyn F. Hall, a mother of three. In this book she explains how her experiences in the raising of her own children helped her to come to the realization of what has been a major contributing factor of delinquency in our youth today. Inside you will also find valuable and helpful information that will help and work for anyone who is faced with the responsibility of attempting to mold children into respectful, knowledgeable and capable adults who in essence will be responsible in deciding our future society.

My Mama Used To Say
97-page paperback
$9.95 USA - $12.95 Canada

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A Message From the Author

After careful research, I opted to self publish my book. The main reason for my doing this was due mainly to my strong desires to get the messages inside my book to the public as soon as possible. Fortunately during my research I discovered that if I wanted to go the conventional route of getting an agent to find a publisher to buy my book that I would risk losing all rights to the book. And further, once the publisher had purchased my book it would be his option to release my book to the public whenever he decided to. I felt so strongly regarding the contents in my being helpful to many that I did not want to chance its message not being shared with as many people as possible. As such, I decided that I would publish my own book in order to share my insights with all. I am certain that once you have read my book that you will find it informative and well worth reading. It is easy reading and not to loose the readers attention not lengthy.

If you feel as I do that we as a people and society must once again begin to produce the type of young adults whose misson would be to attempt to better our world instead of exhibiting the self-destructive tendencies so prevalent today you'll want to read this book.

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