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                            CordyMax Cs-4
120 Capsules (box) $US24.95
Item # 01003284
Healthcare Product Guide
Natural Dietary Supplement for Reducing Fatigue and Promoting healthy Lung Function.*
Promotes Vitality and Stamina*
Recommended Adult Use

CordyMax Cs-4 may be used by persons with busy and hectic lifestyles and the elderly--those desiring greater stamina and vitality levels without stimulation of the central nervous system.

The Benefits of CordyMax Cs-4

History of Cordyceps Sinensis

The mushroom Cordyceps sinensis, which produces the proprietary active ingredient in CordyMax Cs-4, has a rich, two thousand year history.  For generations, Cordyceps sinensis has been considered the premier agent in the Chinese culture for restoring energy, promoting longevity and improving the quality of life.  This natural material is extremely rare.  The mushroom grows primarily on the Tibetan plateau at altitudes above 14,000 feet.  It takes five to seven years for the mushroom to complete its life cycle and produce the natural product.  Due to the scarcity and high price of Cordyceps sinensis, its use was reserved exclusively for the Emperor's Palace.

For two thousand years, Cordyceps sinensis was virtually unknown in the Western world.

Proprietary Cs-4 Strain

CordyMax Cs-4 is a standardized natural product produced by a proprietary fermentation process using an isolated, scientifically-supported strain of mycelia (Paecilomyces hepiali Chen, Cs-4). Cs-4 mycelia (the underground portion of the mushroom) is extracted from fresh Cordyceps sinensis (Berk) Sacc. collected from Qinghai province, China.

Fifteen years of biological and clinical studies confirm that Cs-4 is the fermentation product that most closely resembles the natural product. Recent published scientific studies document that Cs-4 influences a broad range of physiological effects associated with promoting energy and stamina.* in 1987, Cs-4 was the first "Class I" Traditional Chinese Medicine approved by the Chinese ministry of Health.  "Class I" Traditional Chinese medicines are rigorously evaluated for safety and efficacy in pharmacology, toxicology and clinical trials.  Cs-4 (known as Jin Shui Bao) was also placed under intellectual property protection by the Chinese government in 1995.  Pharmanex has the exclusive right to market CordyMax Cs-4 outside of China.

Scientific Support

Numerous scientific studies suggest that CordyMax Cs-4 can promote natural vitality through more efficient enzyme activity of red blood cells, and promote healthy lung function.* Additionally, CordyMax Cs-4 increases the body's resistance to daily environmental and occupational stresses.* Cs-4 has been shown in both human and animal studies, to support the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD).*

Such findings may explain the traditional use of the Cordyceps sinensis as a dietary supplement to improve vitality and quality of life.*

Ingredients in CordyMax Cs-4

Each 525 mg capsule of proprietary CordyMax Cs-4 is standardized by HPLC to guarantee potency and consistent results by supplying minimum levels of 0.14% adenosine.  An additional test method is used to standardize to 5% mannitol, which is the indicator of polysaccharide content.

Directions for Use

As a dietary supplement for adults, take two capsules two or three times daily with food and drink.  CordyMax Cs-4 should be taken regularly for consistent results.  Mild effects may be evident within one week, while significant effects may take 3 to 6 weeks to become evident.

Adverse Effects

With the exception of one case of allergic skin reaction, no other adverse effects have been reported from clinicians and hospital records in China since the initial introduction in 1989.  CordyMax Cs-4 has no reported Central Nervous System or Gastro Intestinal effects.  Clinical trials revealed very few side effects to supplementation with CordyMax Cs-4.  Some subjects noted a sensation of thirst which decreased with continued use, one subject reported slight nausea, and several subjects noted heartburn if CordyMax Cs-4 was taken before meals; all these effects were well-tolerated by the subjects, and none of these subjects discontinued supplementation because of these effects.

The Pharmanex 6S Quality Process™

Central to the Pharmanex mission of transforming time-honored, traditional preparations into health promoting botanical products with known content and consistent activity is the Pharmanex 6S Quality Process.

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To learn more about the Pharmanex line of natural healthcare products,  call Customer Service 1-800-800-0260, or FAX us at 1-800-800-0259.Write down and quote the password NZ0121217  if you wish to order, and Mike and Tricia Legg, if they ask.
120 Capsules (box) $24.95  Item # 01003284
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