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The Anilam Retrofit CNC System

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If you need a 2-Axis CNC Retrofit System that can be later updated to a 3-Axis CNC System...

Or if you need more features than the ProtoTRAK EDGE System (RS232 Port, DNC, Etc)...

Spend $800.00 more and get these additional features…

Three types of CALCULATORS

anilam 3 mode calculator

Regular Calculator

anilam 3 mode calculator geometry

Right Triangle Calculator

anilam 3 mode calculator trig

ICON Geometry Calculator (Inserts answers directly into program!)

TFT Flat Screen Monitor which allows a reduction in the size of the Pendant

Screen is Color not Black & White making it easier on the eyes of the operator

Color Screen

Hard limit switches are standard

Hard Limits are standard

"Real Time" graphics

Real Time Graphics

4 graphic views— Top, Front, Side and Isometric

RS 232 for Downloading from a PC

Power Feed Function

8GB Hard Drive as well as a Floppy Drive "built-in"

Runs on a Pentium 2 166mhz Processor (this allows the elimination of all flat spots on any circular interpolation)

Besides the common canned cycles the 3200 provides the following:
Ellipses, Elbow milling, Hole milling, Partial Bolt Hole Pattern, Irregular Pocket, Boring, Peck Drilling, Chipbreaker drilling, Rectangular Hole Pattern, Rectangular Profile (inside/outside), Circular Profile (inside/outside)

Printer Port for Printing Hard Copy of Program

Ability to Single Step through Program while actually cutting the part



Polar Rotation

Timer and Parts Counter Display


Feedrate override with rheostat not arrow keys

Comes complete with ballscrews but can be retrofitted to existing ball screws

Can be fitted to your existing ballscrews

Can be upgraded to 3 axis at any time

Can be upgraded to 3 axis at any time

Motors can be upgraded to allow 200imp rapid travel

Motors can be upgraded to allow 200imp rapid travel

M Function option available
Allows the interface of a rotary table, coolant ON/OFF etc.

Programmable Spindle Option

Can except DXF Files via offline software

For Ordering or Further Information on the...
The Anilam CNC Retro-Fit System…
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DeAngelo Machinery Sales

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Saturday: 9am to 1pm EST

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DeAngelo Machinery Sales Inc.
*** The CNC Retrofit Specialists ***
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Moorestown, New Jersey 08057

Phone: 856-273-8383

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"If you need a Machine and don't buy it,   

Then you will ultimately find you have paid for it,

But Don't Have It"

Henry Ford

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