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Digital Read Out Systems

If Your Digital Read Out Is Doing This...
DRO Malfunction
Then It's Time To Replace It With This...

Newall DRO

Model TOPAZ______Spherosyn Scale / Microsyn Scale________Model DP8

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Why We Like The NEWALL Digital Readout Systems

Bullet-Proof Rugged Construction- The Scales Are Made Of Stainless Steel, Not Glass! No More Scratched Or Broken Glass! The Display Is A Die-Casting, Not Sheetmetal.

Impervious To Coolants, Metal Chips & Swarf, Graphite & Cast Iron Dust- Will Operate Completely Submerged In Coolant, Water, & Oil! Requires No Cleaning Or Regular Maintenance!

3 Year No Fault Warranty- Newall's Unprecedented Warranty Covers Improper Installation, Neglect, Operator Abuse, And Even Accidental Damage!

5 Year Warranty- Even After The 3 Year No Fault Period Ends, The Workmanship Of The DRO Remains Covered For An Additional 2 Years!

Lifetime Warranty- Newall Guarantees The Accuracy And Workmanship Of The Newall Scales For As Long As You Own Them!

Easy To Install- Customers Can Now Install The Readouts Themselves Saving Installation Charges! The Alignment Of The Scales Is Very Easy To Do!

Competitively Priced- Newall's DRO Systems Cost The Same As Other Glass Scale DRO Systems But Are A Better Value!

30 Day No Hassle Trial- If You Are Not Completely Satisfied With Your Newall DRO System, Return It To Us Within 30 Days For A Full Refund!

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Newall DRO Model Versions & Free Gift

Model TOPAZ 2-Axis Milling Machine Version DRO System
Model TOPAZ 3-Axis Milling Machine Version DRO System
Model TOPAZ 2-Axis Grinder (Surface Or Cylindrical) Version DRO System
Model TOPAZ 2-Axis Lathe Version DRO System
Other Brand DRO's That We Service & Sell
NEW ! - DRO's For Extra Long Travels Up To 75 Ft !
NEW ! - DRO's That Read In 1/16, 1/32, & 1/64 Fractions !