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Welcome to Lantern's Light Enterprises Homepage

Welcome to Lantern's Light Enterprises. This is the first step into having your own web page on the net. With over 100 new users per day logging on, the 'Net is growing by leaps and bounds. Get your own corner TODAY!! For more about Lantern's Light Enterprises, click here and read some FAQ's and general company info.


Resume One is an example of the most basic and inexpensive pages we here at LLE build. Prices and info can be found on that page.
Resume Two is the upgraded model of our Online Resume service. Prices and details can be seen there.


A Crossover For The Ages is the first chapter of an online novel done by LLE.
Home of the Last Green Lantern is the first page ever made by LLE. It is still the best work ever done by this company.

Webrings that LLE is a part of!!


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