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Mark & Rene Yarnell Rock MLM World!!And START their Own Networking Company!

Utilizing a NEW Scientifically PROVEN Technology called I.E. Crystal.

The discovery of I.E. Crystal is being compared in significance to the
discovery of Penicillin by the scientific community. It is currently being
studied by NINE major universities, including UCLA, for it's synergistic
relationship with the Human Immune System!

21st Century Global Network has some of the recognized people in ALL areas of expertise!

Mark Yarnell, named "The Greatest Networker in The World" by Upline Magazine a proven $100 million a year producer and best selling author, consultant and trainer for the Network Marketing Industry. Our CEO isLawrence Brady, former Asst. Secretary of Commerce in the Reagan and Bush administrations, responsible for trade negotiations with Japan, Europe and China and consultant to the US Senate. Dr. Graham Simpson, chairman of IHI, a group of 78 medical doctors and one of the founding members of the American Holistic Medical Association. Dr. John Radford, hand picked by Nelson Mandella to help end Apartheid. Dr. Albert Bandura, head of the Psychology Dept. at Stanford University
Ever wish you'd been there in the beginning?

We Have:

Product Exclusivity - World Wide Marketing Rights
Yarnell's Proven Training System
PowerSystems Team Support

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