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Jim's Baseball Cards

UPDATED....21 MARCH 2010!!!

Alright...I am ready to complete some of my sets and continue my Kirby Quest!

I am in pursuit of every card of Kirby Puckett that was ever made. Please let me know if you can help me. All of the Kirby Puckett cards that I have listed on this site are the cards that I currently have, not my want list.

Come back often as I am continously added new things to the site.

I have a lot of commons and stars available. If you are trying to complete a set, just email me your wantlist and I'll see what I can do. Check my commons page for the years that I have available.

I have had great trades with Greg. Greg is a great trader who is very honest! Thanks for all of the help with all of the cards you have done! Email him with your want list! Thanks Greg for all of your help! You rock Greg!

If you wish to trade links, just email me with your link.

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