Maple Hllow Candles
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Scrap Candles

These are SCRAP CANDLES* that I make from scraps of candle wax.I try to use all that I can, when making candles. Nothing hardly ever goes to waste.These candles will burn a multi of different colors, will also burn a tunnel down the middle, so that the outside of the candle will act as a wax candle holder.This way you will be able to place a smaller candle in the center and burn the replacement candle, making the outside of the candle last for years to come,(instruction sheets given with candles).These candles retail for $12.00 each. Shipping & Handling is not included in the price of the candle.

*these candles are of limited supply, as they are made from scraps.*







Mailing address is:

Maple Hollow Candles
601 Chestnut Grove Rd.
Columbia, KY
Phone #1-270-378-5635


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Payment Types that I orders....personal checks(candles will NOT be shipped out till the check clears the bank. $35.00 NSF fee for all returned checks)

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