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Here are just a few Misc. Candles that I have made.These are just to give you an example of the many designs of candles that I can do.
small sunflower
large sunflower
x-mas cutout
sun & moon

4" Ribbon Carved Candles

6" Ribbon Carved Candles

9" Ribbon Carved Candles

12" Ribbon Carved Candles

Unity Wedding Candles

Thumbprint Candles

Nascar Candles

Christmas Ribbon Candles

Scrap Candles

Birth Announcement Candles

Candles with a picture


Mailing address is:

Maple Hollow Candles
601 Chestnut Grove Rd.
Columbia, KY
Phone #1-270-378-5635


Please feel free to email me with any questions that you might have about one of my UNIQUE candles.

Payment Types that I orders....personal checks(candles will NOT be shipped out till the check clears the bank. $35.00 NSF fee for all returned checks)

Thank You for visiting Maple Hollow Candles