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I can teach you all the basics of "HTML" ( Hyper Text Markup Language ). Don't ask me what it means. All I know is that you can do cool stuff with it. Like change your background, text colors, and add images to your e-mail. Oh, even music and animations. Took me about 4 months before I understood all the basics. I learned from countless novice pages. None of them seem to include all of what you can do with your e-mail sigs I'm hoping my page will eliminate time consuming searches. So you can get down to business and make some kick ass e-mails now.

Sooo, on these pages your gonna get an indepth how to on all the possiblities for your e-mails. Figuring most webtver's, like myself, have little or no experience with computer languages. Also lack the know how to find all the different pages you need to completely understand what webtv can do. Alrighty then, lets get on with the lessons.

Lesson 1. Cut, Copy, and Paste

Lesson 2. Basic HTML Tags

Lesson 3.