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De Winton Golden Retrievers
Adoption Page

Updated: December 21, 2013

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NEXT LITTER: No litters are projected for the near future.


*I only offer 'pet quality' goldendoodles.

All of my pets are provided with filtered water. I encourage everyone to provide the best nutritional foods for their pets.

My pups are raised in my home. In the summer they are placed outside in their own puppy pen off the house after their visit to the vet.

Families are prefered when obtaining a puppy from DGD. All families must be in agreement in obtaining a puppy as a new member of the household. You must have a fenced yard to safely contain your golden. Preference is given to home owners over renters due to home stability for a puppy.

To be placed on the list (non obligatory) for a pup, or when pups are available for adoption, please send me an email giving information as to how to contact you, and information about you and your family. Please provide gender preference. Please read the buyer agreement before emailing me. The Buyer Agreement is more of a guarantee which protects you and your golden.
The Buyer Agreement must be in place to adopt a puppy.

Once pups are welped, I would contact you to let you know pups have arrived or if you wish to view the welping, arrangements can be made. A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is required at this time to secure your 'picking order'. Your position in reserving your pup is based on when your deposit is received.

I do not airtransport pups in late October to May. I do not transport pups out of the North America and depending on your location within North America due to too harsh of an ordeal for the puppy to be transported. Pups that are airtransported; additional costs apply. Transport to airport, kennel and flight arrangements to be determined on individual basis.

Picking out your puppy can be done in person or over the internet. I will supply you with pictures and small video clips over the internet.

Balance of cost of puppy to be paid at time of picking out your pup which would be at the 5 to 6 week point after they have had a visit to the veternarian. Pups are ready to leave at 7 weeks of age. I will accept cheques provided they are issued ten (10) days prior to delivery date of your puppy or Paypal preferred.

I encourage adoptive families to visit the litter as often as they can. This enables the pups to recognize your scent more readily. I get to know you and you get to know me better. Support is provided after the pup leaves my home.

I do not allow people to have direct contact with the pups until AFTER a vet has evaluated their health. This practise is to ensure the transferance of outside viruses being placed in contact with the pups. I thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Bring a towel that can be placed with the litter. This towel is used to scent your family first and then the scent of your pups litter mates and mother is transfered to the towel to be taken home with you. This can provide comfort for your pup while he/she adjusts to his/her new home.

If pups are still available after they are ready to go, its just a matter of coming and picking up your new adoptive family member, and signing the buyer agreement. Payment by certified cheque or cash only. I wish for this process to be exciting and happy for everyone involved.