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A Brief Description (non-official) of the
Golden Retriever Breed Standard  ...



The golden retriever is a strong, active and well-balanced dog possessing a kindly expression.  The golden retriever is both alert and self-confident, yet gentle in manner.  The golden retriever is very friendly and loyal, a trustworthy companion.
The golden retriever is neither shy nor hyperactive.

The male golden retriever stands 23-24 inches at the withers (highest point of the shoulders) and weighs 65-75 pounds.  The female golden retriever is proportionately smaller 20-1/2 - 21-1/2 inches at the withers and 55-65 pounds.  Height shall not deviate more than 1" either way.  The body length of the golden retriever is slightly longer than the height of the golden retriever in the ratio of 12:11.  Both the male and female golden retriever should give the impression of a sturdily built dog.

The male golden retriever has a broad skull and muzzle leading into a strong neck and shoulders.  The female golden retriever's head will be slightly less broad and strong.  Neither the male nor female golden retriever shall give the appearance of coarsemess.  Golden Retrievers eyes are deeply set, deep brown in colour, and have a gentle expression.  The ears shall lie to the sides of the golden retrievers head with a high earset so as to not appear "houndlike".

Golden retrievers have a strong, muscular build, with a level top-line.  The tail of a golden retriever flows straight back from the body.  Well angulated in the front and rear, the golden retriever has a very fluid and efficient movement allowing him to endure a day of working in the field.

The Golden Retrievers coat is dense and water-repellent, neither course nor fine.  Golden Retrievers have a good, dense undercoat. The outer can be straight or wavy of medium length with longer feathering on the legs and tail.  The colouring of the golden retriever ranges from cream to dark gold but appears healthy and lustrous.   Feathering is often a lighter shade than that of the body coat.

Disqualifications:  Height over or under by more than one inch,  undershot or overshot teeth, white spots.


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