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Our Girl Kinder ...
A Rebelcreek Golden Retriever


Our beautiful golden retriever, Kinder, was born December 16, 1996.  She is Bob's sister.  Kinder is a very pretty golden retriever with a wonderfully outgoing "golden retriever" personality.  Very much like Bob, she loves everyone.  Kinder stands at 21-1/2 inches and weighs 60 lbs well within the golden retriever breed standard.  Medium gold in colour, Kinder carries a very pretty coat with beautiful feathering.  Very sound in structure, her movement is very flowing and correct.  Kinder has excellent pigment and her black nose often is found under our arm bumping us for pats!  Kinder is a fine example of a golden retriever!!


This is Kinder with her often seen laughing face.  She loves the camera and will ham it up quite well when she thinks she's in the limelight.  An excellent retriever, she will bring the bumper back everytime, placing it right in our hand, then excitedly waits for it to be thrown again.  With her happy girl personality, the other golden retrievers gravitate towards her and she happily plays with everyone.  A golden retriever that is truly a golden -- retriever !!

Although Kinder is very enthusiastic, and quite a showoff, she is surprisingly gentle with children.  She loves to lay down with children and be petted and fawned over.  She is very still when children brush her and would stay all day with them.  Kinder loves to put the chase on our cats (who much to her chagrin won't run away from her) and gets all silly and kissy faced when she is with them.  Kinder is a golden retriever through and through.

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