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An Aaronridge Golden Retriever


This is another of our Golden Retrievers, Sally, a really fun dog.  Sally is an energetic, humour filled golden retriever with an exuberance and optimism for life that is truly contagious.  For Sally, everything about life is exciting, wonderful and fun.  She is extremely loyal, amazingly obedient and she gives 100% to everything she does from mothering to being a companion, to fieldwork.  She is best friends with Heaven and the two are never far apart.  She personifies a golden retriever beautifully.

At 22-1/2 inches and weighing 68 pounds, Sally fits well within the Golden Retriever standard.  She is a light medium gold with great coat and excellent feathering.  She is conformationally very sound and achieved her Championship very easily.  Sally has excellent shoulders, and is well angulated.  She will be having her last litter of Golden Retriever puppies sometime in 1999 and will then be spayed and join the ranks of our retired Golden Retriever den mothers.  She has exceptional bonds with children and other animals and absolutely loves puppies.   Sally is truly what a golden retriever should be.

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