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We would like to thank all of our retired golden retriever moms for the happiness and the loving little bundles of golden retriever fluff they have given us.  They have been a source of love, companionship, hope and joy.  We will profile two of our retired golden retriever moms for now and will work on profiling the other retired golden retriever moms soon.


This is "Rebelcreek's Fortune Smiled On Me" (Annie) with her last litter of puppies.  Annie was born on December 18, 1993 and she gave us three terrific litters of golden retriever puppies.  She is now retired and living a wonderful life with her foster parents in Markham, Ontario.

Annie is a very pretty, very correct golden retriever.  Annie stands 22-1/4 inches at the shoulders and weighs 68 pounds.  She is medium gold in colour and has thick, slightly wavy coat with excellent feathering.  Annie is a very well-behaved dog with a happy, smiling face.  Her tail wags constantly and Annie is a lover of children, animals and being spoiled.  Annie personifies true golden retriever temperament.  Her foster family has taken excellent care of her for many years and have been wonderful in letting us have three litters with Annie.  She is now spayed and will continue to have a super life with them.  Annie was an excellent mother and gave us our girl Brea another example of an excellent golden retriever.



This is our dear golden retriever, Fraggles (Rebelcreek's Where Eagles Fly).  We lost Fraggles on September 2, 1998.  She was fighting breast cancer.  Extremely close in our hearts, we will always miss her, will always love her.  Thank you Fraggles, we love you.

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