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An Aaronridge Golden Retriever


This is Bob, a Golden Retriever at Aaronridge.  Bob was born December 16, 1996 at Aaronridge Kennels.  He has just begun his life as a stud dog and his first litter with Heaven turned out very beautiful golden retriever puppies.

Bob fits well within the Golden Retriever Breed Standard.  Measuring 23-3/4 at the shoulders, Bob weighs in at approximately 74 lbs.  He is medium gold in colour and carries excellent coat and feathering.  His conformation is very correct with a beautifully angulated, strong rear.  Bob has a lovely face and many people have commented on his "teddy bear look".


Bob has a "don't worry, be happy" attitude and loves everybody and everything ... a true Golden Retriever temperament.  Pat Bob and you have a friend for life.  Bob loves to schmooze with his golden retriever girls but is friends with the boys as well and wouldn't know an enemy if it looked him in the eye.  Very gentle by nature, Bob is naturally very obedient.  A beautiful example of a Golden Retriever.


Bob's registered name is Rebelcreek's Bluelight Special.  Bob it seems, loves to stick out his tongue ...Bob6.jpg

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