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Missouri Yank and I (Sue)checking out
a flood area. Blynn is taking the picture
and riding Rocket

Small group ride enjoying
the mountains and beautiful
scenery.We're all riding
foxtrotters so you know we're
having lots of fun!

Only four of us on
this ride & Blynn was
lucky enough to get someone
to take the picture for him.
Left to right Vicki/Angel,
Sue/Y.Gallant Guy,

We had about 25 people on this
ride to the Tenja falls all on
foxtrotters we have sold to them.
Everyone packed a lunch.Young
and old really had alot of fun.

Desert riding with friends.
Vicki /Y.Ginger Girl,
Butch/ Y.Gallant Guy,
Tina/Tiny Tim,
Lori/Ryan's Revelation A,
Sue/Y.Night train, John/Dad,
Patty/Missy,& Blynn taking
picture rode Y. Night Hawke.

Same group as above, but
you can tell that after
25 miles, we're still ready to play.
LOVE them foxtrotters!

Blynn riding Night Hawke & I riding Dancer
out enjoying the mountains with a friend
that bought my daughters' last
horse(not seen).


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