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Brakebush Chicken Products
1619-Shredstyle BBQ Beef-10#
1620-Shredstyle BBQ Pork-10#
5051-Breaded tenders 5 pc/port.
5060-Breaded tenders-10#
5064-Breaded Filet 3.5 oz.-10#
5154-Breaded filet 4 oz.-10#
5201-Cooked w/grill marks 4 oz.
5221-Ready to cook 4 oz.-5#
5222-Ready to cook 5 oz.-5#
5466-Gold'N'Spice tenders-10#
5467-Gold'N'Spice tenders-Line 
5685-Breast & thigh nugget-12#
5831-Gold'N'Spice Cutlet 3.7 oz.
5841-Gold'N'Spice strip 1.1 oz.
5944-Cooked breast pattie-3 oz.
5977-Mesquite breast pattie-3 oz.
6504-4 pc. dinner 14 oz. Serving
6506-4 pc. dinner 16 oz. Serving
6548-Bulk pack 8 cut 1 hd. Pr/bag
6561-Brd. Drummettes 7-12 per #
6562-Brd. 1st & 2nd wing portions
6572-Brd. Inferno Wings 1st & 2nd