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C.E. Ellison High School JROTC
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Welcome to the official website of the Ellison JROTC Eagle Battalion. Ellison High School is located in Killeen, Texas and lies next to Ft. Hood, the largest military base in the free world. Ellison High School has about 2,500 students and Ellison JROTC has about 220 cadets. Ellison JROTC is known for its pride and teamwork shown by members of this unit and displayed at competition. The Ellison JROTC Unit emphasizes leadership values and self improvement thus, making it one of the fastest growing JROTC units in Texas. Just as the number of cadets are now growing, the morals, principles, and values that were initially set forth have also dramatically increased. The Ellison High School JROTC Unit is recognized as an Honor Unit with Distinction, meaning that it is in the top 10% of units in the nation.


July 26, 1999 - The website will not have any frames, in my opinion, they are not that great. I will have a pulldown menu on every page though. That will make it alot easier to navigate.

June 30, 1999 - Thanks again for visiting the website. I am still working on getting frames, and I will be updating the webmaster page.

June 29, 1999 - Thank you once again for visiting the site. I am now updating and adding some art to the site. I have added a section for me, the Webmaster, and I have also made a spot for Christopher Feliciano, the last Webmaster. As of now, I am working on frames for this website to make it easier to navigate.
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