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Divorce Management

Adjusting to a divorce can be challenging emotionally as well as economically, socially and in many other unexpected ways. This page attempts to pull together these areas in a cohesive manner so that those contemplating or having gone thru a divorce can learn about what might be expected and some possible ways to deal with it.

Divorce: The End of a Marriage After A Divorce Emotional Turmoil Children Legal Issues Resources

Divorce: The End of a Marriage

Hugger Law Practice, Attorney and Counselor at Law Divorce Doc's information and resource hub Welcome to CLINE LAW OFFICES, Oklahoma City Attorneys at Law Louisiana Divorce & Bankruptcy Hotline - Quality Legal and affordable representation in divorce, bankruptcy, child custody, child support, aliimony, spousal support, domestic violence, community property... Find a Mediator

After A Divorce

STRESS AND THE ART OF DIVORCE ADJUSTMENT The effects of divorce can be devastating, if not stressful. Concerns can include sadness or loss, fears, loneliness, rejection, conflicting loyalties, responsibilities, and anger.

Emotional Turmoil

Staying in Control

Lifeline FAQ Answers I've initiated the divorce, and I want to move forward. But my partner is in terrible agony, and cannot seem to accept the decision. How can I help my spouse move on with the next stage of his or her life?

Coping with Pain

Divorce Care Home Page DivorceCare is a special support group where you can find help as you recover from the hurt of separation or divorce. There is a DivorceCare group meeting near you. Find a nearby DivorceCare group Resources to help you recover Information about DivorceCare Steps you can take to recover How to form a DivorceCare group Forum for DivorceCare leaders Send E-mail to DivorceCare [Menu] [Bookstore] [Find SleepNet About 50 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, and the insomnias. Most are unaware. SleepNet is not affiliated with any company who sells, manufactures, or distributes sleep related products. Marital Status Home: Separation Surviving the Emotional Trauma of Divorce By Merrill Witty Divorce is never fun. But most who go through it agree that once the dust settles, they are stronger for it. Editor's Note: It's never pretty; it always hurts. THERAPIST DIRECTORY Welcome to the Internet's first online professional referral service. Therapists are listed geographically. Click on the states listed below to find a professional in your area. Click here to find answer to frequently asked questions about therapist directory. Why Does it Hurt So Much? Many people who have gone through divorce remember that it feels -- it feels like having a piece of yourself ripped away. Ellen put it this way, a year after separation: "This year it's just a dull ache. Collaborative Divorce


Breaking the News

Kids & Divorce Kids & Divorce Kids and Divorce Children are seriously affected when their parents divorce. There are some things parents and other adults can do to help kids get through this difficult time. First, talk to your children about the separation or divorce and give them a chance to share their feelings and concerns. PARENTING DURING DIVORCE [Articles] Effective parenting is an enormous task under the best of circumstances. Parenting during times of personal tragedy or crisis may seem almost impossible. Not only are divorce and separation likely to feel like times of personal crisis, they are times which require effective parenting. Telling the Children Tell them shortly before they will see the change (typically a few days before one of the spouses moves out). Try to have the whole family present (both spouses and all children). Within the bounds of propriety, be honest. split Recommended Books from our Bookstore Living With Divorce by Mathew An honest, open-hearted story by Mathew, 16, whose parents have divorced. Annie's Story by Annie A high school freshman replies to Mathew and tells her own story Mathew Responds To Annie's Story by Mathew When Your Dad Walks Out - Liz Tells It Like It Is Survey On Divorce A short survey for kids of parents who have divorced and a

Alienation & Depression

Welcome To Divorce Online PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME By Daniel H. Swerdlow-Freed, Ph.D. [ Return to Legal Articles | What's New? ] Over the past two decades child custody disputes have become increasingly common. Two developments in particular have had a significant impact on the burgeoning of child custody disputes, namely the instituting of the best-interests-of-the-child presumption in place of the tender-years. Depression in Children Children react in so many negative ways to divorce, but perhaps the most painful is the depression that children sometimes experience during or after divorce. You have two choices in dealing with these issues. Wing of Madness: Children and Depression Wing of Madness: Children and Depression Attention! Wing of Madness has moved; this site is no longer being updated. Please go to http Copyright © 1996, 1997 Deborah M. Deren, Revised June 8, 1997 URL: http members. Depression and Other Affective Illnesses... Depression is feeling sad, lonely, unloved, dumb, and worthless, along with guilt feelings and beliefs of being mistreated. Depression is having trouble falling asleep (initial insomnia), restless sleep with recurrent awakenings (interval insomnia), or waking early in the morning unable to fall back to sleep (terminal insomnia). Stark Legacy of Pain for Kids of Divorce Drugs, alcohol, fear of intimacy plague children whose parents break up Childhoods spent in resigned solitude, adolescence roiled by drug and alcohol abuse, adulthood compromised --this is the stark legacy for children of divorce, says a landmark study by an acclaimed Marin County researcher. DIVORCE MEANS CHANGE FOR KIDS TOO! [Articles] "You are loved, you are safe with us, your needs will be met, and you will be protected". When children are born into a family these basic messages are expressed. Divorce means everything you once took for granted as a child is going to change. Marital Status Home: Separation Helping your kids survive a divorce You and your spouse may be ready for the divorce, but don't assume your children are. A sudden announcement now is bound to shock them. Heed the storm warnings and help your kids understand.

Single Parenting Parenting Category Page Parenting Category Page News Sports Money Entertainment Kids Family GO Network SHOPPING D-CARDS BOARDS COOKBOOK CHAT HELP E-MAIL REGISTER Pick a grade Toddler Preschool - K Grade 1 - 3 Grade 4 - 6 Grade 7 - 9 Teaching Kids about Sex Don't Let Kids Quibble Evaluating Your Day Care Center What Not to Say to Stay-at-Home Dads Cope with Hard-to-Handle Kids Teaching C Parent Soup Parent Soup Click Here! chat boards experts resources fun & games education central Member Center Join the Soup FREE! features Take Our Tour Parent Soup Newsletter Mothering Style Quiz Summer Fun 101 National Parents' Day Winners Staying Safe Online Fun Learning Center Souper e. Single Parents Association - SPA News Monthly Tip Single Parenting Solutions from SPA News by Edward Price, Founder - Single Parents Association SINGLE PARENTING & HANDLING STRESS When life deals us some unexpected challenges (OK ,I'm being kind here), or lessons to learn, or just dumps on us (depends on your state of mind, I guess), the real issue is not the situation or event but HOW WE HANDLE IT. Parenting Today's Teen Resources for Those Who Live With and Work With Teens Parenting Today's Teen Resources for Those Who Live With and Work With Teens Bookstore | Home | Contact Us | Discussion Board Is This Kid Normal, or Have I Failed as a Parent? by Don Fleming, PhD, and Laurel Schmidt Your teenager stumbles from his room after 14 hours of sleep, wolfs down a slice of cold pizza, then heads toward the couch for a quick nap.

Legal Issues


Introduction to Asset Searches When considering assets, divorce courts view marriage as a business partnership and divorce as the winding up of that relationship. In order for courts to fairly divide assets, all marital and separate (if any) property needs to be disclosed. Digital Daily Welcome - IRS Welcome to the Internal Revenue Service's home on the World Wide Web. As part of our continuing efforts to provide broad and immediate access to IRS tax information and services, we are presenting our latest electronic publication.

Child Support

Tax Advisor Tax Tips - 1 ALIMONY ALIMONY RECEIVED: WHAT QUALIFIES AS ALIMONY Payments received for child support, non cash property settlements, maintaining the payer's property or payments not required by a divorce or separation agreement are not considered alimony payments. Alimony Fixed as Child Support Let's talk about them in increasing order of complexity: You can't call it child support You can't change it based on something that happens to a child You can't change it based on something that's associated with something that happens to a child. Guidelines - Chapter1 Vol I Historically, determining a child support award was at the discretion of the decisionmaker. He or she typically considered such factors as the financial resources of the child, the financial resources of the custodial parent (CP), the child's standard of living had the parents' marriage not dissolved, the physical and emotional conditions of the child, the child's educational needs, and the finan Child Support- Frequently Asked Questions Child Support; All you need to know. What Is Find Dad? Find Dad is a child support collection agency whose services are available to custodial parents who are not receiving Aid For Dependent Children (welfare). Child Support Assistance Network Are you having trouble collecting child support? We can help, even if the absent parent is out of state or at an unknown location. OR Are you looking for a business opportunity that will also provide a service to your community? childsupport.html - Child Support Enforcement childsupport.html - Child Support Enforcement We are CSEthe largest private company in the nation dedicated to collecting past-due child support for custodial parents. You pay us nothingno fees of any kind unless we collect the long overdue payments your children deserve.

Custody & Visitation

Child Custody in the USA (Page 1 of 5) This article reviews the history of child custody decision-making, and describes current custodial arrangements in the United States. The manner in which parents and courts make decisions about custody and access, and changes in visiting patterns in recent decades are examined. International Parental Child Abduction Your situation is difficult, but there are things that you can do. This list assumes that you know, or strongly suspect, that your child has been abducted abroad to a country that is not a party to the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction.'lchildabduction.html NetForum - Custody & Visitation Issues - Topics The Law Firm of Gruber & Colabella's messages and replies are not to be considered as legal advice. Due to the open nature of the forum, other individuals may be responding to messages. A local attorney should always be consulted when legal advice is needed. Myths, legends and the American Way: Deadbeat Dads Myths, legends and the American Way: Deadbeat Dads From: (Ron Dean) Newsgroups: Subject: Myths, legends and the American Way: Deadbeat Dads Date: 15 Aug 1995 10:07:41 -0700 Message-ID: Summary: 62% of custodial mothers do not receive child support.


Borger Credit Bureau Divorce FAQ If you think your divorce decree can change your obligation to pay back the joint debts you incurred while married, you are wrong. A divorce decree has no impact whatsoever on your joint debts -- including credit cards, car loans, home mortgages, and lines of credit. Debts and Divorce You and your spouse have debts for which you are both responsible, such as a bank or family loans, credit cards, medical bills or utility bills. Your divorce does not make either spouse free from the financial responsibility incurred while you were married.


Legal FAQ: Lawyers Frequently Asked Questions: Dealing With Your Lawyer by Elayne B. Kesselman, Esq. What should I do to prepare before I see a lawyer? How do I find a lawyer? What is the best way to contact a lawyer? What qualities in a matrimonial attorney are important? CBA - How to Choose and Use a Lawyer How to Choose and Use a Lawyer The legal system can be intimidating--but it doesn't have to be. For all its formalities and intricacies, our system of laws is there to protect every American citizen. How to fire your lawyer by Ed Sherman Adapted from Practical Divorce Solutions. You have a right to discharge your attorney at any time for any reason or no reason at all, whether or not any money is owed. Of course, you will continue to owe your former lawyer for time spent working on your case. Welcome To Divorce Online Hiring a divorce attorney may be one of the more important financial transactions of your life. Accordingly, to safeguard yourself, you should have a written contract. Most attorneys are willing to provide that.


Divorce and Retirement: Frequently Asked Questions don't know can hurt you. 1. In the divorce, what if we just don't mention our retirement plans? BIG mistake! Depending on your state laws, the marital interest in the retirement plan could be considered an "omitted asset.

Property Division

What You Own and What You Owe What You Own and What You Owe home | search | site map | helping each other | states | best books | crud | plans for parting | webmaster The first step in dividing everything up is to know what "everything" is. Sec. 1041. Transfers of property between spouses or incident to divorce. _O/PART_III/Sec._1041.html Property in a Divorce The information below is based upon Washington State law however the general principles are followed in most community property states. Do not rely upon these articles but check with an attorney licensed in your state to determine your particular rights based upon the facts of your case and the most recent cases. Divorce Source: Distribution of Marital Property Everything you and your spouse buy or acquire during the marriage is legally owned by the two of you and is marital property. It makes no difference in whose name you buy or acquire an asset. It does not matter whose money was used to purchase the asset.


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Experts: Family Therapist: General: How to avoid becoming the "wicked stepmother" Experts: Family Therapist: General: How to avoid becoming the "wicked stepmother" Fertility | Pregnancy | Health | Stages | Family | Work | Fun | iBaby | Experts | Tools | Chat | Boards Click Here! Relationships Parenthood Parenting Divorce Stepfamilies Bereavement Family Dynamics Making Healthy Families Find It on ParentsPlace on iVillage. CBN ErrorPage CBN ErrorPage Visit our online family store! Books | Music | Videos | Games | Education | Hardware | Software "This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations. Welcome To Divorce Online DATING, SEX, AND THE SINGLE PARENT By Vicki Lansky [ Return to Psychological Articles | What's New? ] As most divorced adults eventually resume a social life, dating enters the picture. It is probably one of the more difficult things a child must become accustomed to. Dating Glossary State Resources Revenge Unlimited