Troy, Colin, Trey, and Haley (the dog)

We have twin grandsons, Troy and Trey, born on February 13, 1995. One of them, Troy, at the age of seven months (September 1995), was taken to the emergency room of the local Children's Hospital. The doctors said it was "Shaken Baby Syndrome". I had never even heard of it. All I can remember is holding his limp little body in my arms and praying to God to please let him live! His twin brother, Trey, was checked into the hospital for one week's observation; but, he was released with no signs of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Child Protective Services was called in and everyone who was with Troy during the previous 10 days was investigated. The other twin, Trey, went to stay with my sister until I could be investigated and their brother stayed with my mother. After I was investigated and cleared, the children were put in my custody until their mother (my daughter) could be cleared.

Troy went through two brain surgeries, a shunt was put in, and he was in the hospital for a month, much of his time being spent in Infant ICU. It was the most frightening thing I have ever been through. The doctors said he had been vigorously shaken and thrown like a ragdoll! Miraculously, he recovered! When he was released from the hospital (Halloween 1995), he came home with me; not his mother. His head still had the metal stitches in it.

Child Protective Services finally came to the conclusion that it was the babysitter that shook Troy. Several of the other children, that the babysitter kept, finally told what they saw the babysitter do to BOTH of the twins. It was horrible! Their mother was cleared and got to take her children home with her. However, it is something none of us will ever get over.

The District Attorney said there was not enough evidence to persue a case against the babysitter; the word of the children against her's was not enough! There was only circumstantial evidence! So, she went free!

Troy seems to be advancing the same as his twin brother, Trey. So, we are very lucky! I pray every day that he never will have any effects from this experience. There is a constant reminder....the huge scar on the left side of his head from the surgery!

We know how lucky we are because so many children are lost to Shaken Baby Syndrome. We are so very, very grateful that Troy was not one of them and are so very sypathetic to the families that have gone through this and lost their babies!

Maybe my page can get the word out to a few more people and help put an end to child abuse.

UPDATE: (December 2007)
Troy is now 12 years old. He is in the 7th grade and plays the tuba in the band. He also played football this year. I was a little apprehensive; but, the doctor cleared him to play. Troy is an A-B honor roll student and takes Pre-AP classes. We are so proud of him ... and his twin brother, Trey. They have both had to overcome so many obstacles in their lives to get where they are today!

UPDATE: (December 2009)
Troy is now 14 years old. He is a freshman in high school and takes Pre-Ap classes. He is doing very well. We are so lucky!

UPDATE: (December 2013)
Troy is now 18 years old. He graduated from Corpus Christi College Preporatory High School in May. He is a freshman at Del Mar College. We are so proud of him and his twin brother, Trey.

Please go to Children of SBS and read the stories of children that have been shaken and how it has affected them and their families.


I'm sitting here with tears dripping off my chin! What a frightening thing to experience. Not only what happened to the twin...but the investigation. How horrible that must have been! I am so very thankful he is ok...most do not do so well as he has. God just wasn't ready for him yet. *smiles* Again...I'm honored to present you with my awards!
Wishing you love and sunshine,

I have heard of this on the news before and my heart was filled with sadness reading this because it is so hard to believe that this goes on in this world. Im thankful that my children has never suffered such a tourment like your grandson went through and he will continue to be in my prayers.
Jennifer aka Oceaneyes

My name is Lyn and I belong to M.A.D. "making a difference" and your site touched me so much I want to send you something. It is a small gift but does show how we feel about sites like yours. I hope your grandsons continue to have good health. Smiles and Hugs, Lyn Strohm.

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