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Water Filters

Fluoride is poisonous. The US government knew it was, as did various others. In the UK these water companies add fluoride to water: Anglian Water Services Ltd., Northumbrian Water Ltd., South Staffordshire Water plc, Severn Trent plc and United Utilities Water. See

In the U.S. see has a great article which links it to cancer.

You can get non-fluoride toothpaste made from 100% natural ingredients at health food shops. They are usually made from aloe vera. In the U.K. one is called AloeDent.

Those in power will try to ensure many water companies add fluoride to their water supplies. It's worth the cost of getting a water distiller. The best type to get is one which fits under the sink & needs no plumbing. Try (If you live outside the UK, look at this page anyway so you can understand what an easy to install undersink water filter should be like).

It only needs for you to drill a 3/8 inch(1.2cm) or slightly larger hole into the laminated work top around the sink(if you look from below you should see it is made from wood). Use an electric drill. They say drill a 3mm hole first, then a 6mm hole then the 12mm hole. I'd drill a 8mm hole after the 6mm one first. You'd need to get a 13mm wood drill bit.

These water filters deal with TOCS, an abbreviation that refers to Chlorine, Sediments, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs - e.g. pesticides, herbicides), Chloramines, Trihalomethanes (THMs - carcinogenic chlorine disinfection byproducts). Also get one that deals with bacteria & heavy metals(your water supply will probably use copper pipes). Bacteria and heavy metals(eg. cadmium) can get into the water supply.

A water cartridge which deals with all these(and some water hardness) is called Ultracarb. The one sold by has a capacity of 3,750 litres, & should be replaced 12 months for 1 to 2 people. It is sold internationally. call this the Pearl DUC (130). Most places sell them for much more. Get one of these with a fluoride cartridge(30) added to it. You will need to contact them if you do. The fluoride cartridge removes 99% of the fluoride. If you have no fluoride, you can always add the cartridge later if things change. There are no problems with water leaking from the on/off lever.

Use an old toothbrush when cleaning the filters(every 2 months maybe?). They provide a big white spanner to open the cartridges. The fluoride cartridge needs no cleaning. To clean: lay the device on the floor. Step on the wall bracket with your left foot to hold it down. Twist anti-clockwise if you're looking from the bottom or clockwise if you're looking from the top. After one jerk it should be loose enough to open by hand - it will be full of water. The cartridge will have black dust. After scrubbing with the toothbrush, wipe with kitchen paper to remove the last bits of dust, then rinse.

If you travel a lot or live with many others & can't use an undersink filter, go to where they sell a gravity filter that removes chlorine, bacteria & heavy metals but not fluoride. It's a container that can hold 9 litres of water & costs 100. They send overseas.

All the websites selling filters provide data about how much of each poison it removes.

[Outside the UK:
Use google to look for 'undersink water filter fluoride'.

In the US: make a machine that makes water out of the water vapor in the air - even if you live in a desert. Sometimes they are sold out.

Or try (can send overseas) 35, $70 that can use river water & filters 375 litres.

US: sell the BerkeyTravel at $100.

Water hardness

Water hardness is when you get a flaky chalk-like substance(lime-scale) which over time forms in kettles & other appliances which use water. Calcium is what makes water hard. If you live in a soft water area you are not affected. Calcium is good for bones, but if you take in calcium without taking magnesium you do more harm than good. A daily intake of magnesium is essential to the brain & body. Most people have far too little of it. You can get magnesium supplements, but these are not as effective as magnesium in a powder form.

If you buy magnesium supplements, get them in magnesium citrate form as these are better absorbed. It's thought you need up to 400mg per day.

Pumpkin seeds are high in magnesium, zinc, omega-3 oil, iron, vitamin B-complex & deal with parasites.

You can buy some cider vinegar which quickly removes lime-scale from kettles(put your shower head into the kettle at the same time). Keep the contents to use again later(vinegar can do it too but cider vinegar can be poured from its bottle as it has no cap with a small hole).

You can get some water softener powder that you can put in your washing machine. Get them from anywhere that sells washing powder. Means you can use 20% less washing detergent & the washing machine uses less energy.


This is a skin disease that feels like insects eating the skin. People end up with memory loss & depression. It's contagious but not everyone shows signs of having it, at least not initially. It consists of parasites, who have the ability to communicate with each other.

In the US there are 10,000 new cases every day. So far 242 scientists studying it had been traced & murdered. One had 3 attempts on her life, & now has body guards. So someone in power doesn't want people knowing about it & its cure.

People get wrongly diagnosed with lyme disease. The immune system doesn't recognize Morgellons, else people would get fevers. It's not a virus or bacteria, & is named after a town in France. The cause is airplane chemtrails, which float down to our food & water. The only known answer is drinking NutraSilver(, not the same as colloidal silver. There's video of them crawling out of the body if NutraSilver is taken. NutraSilver is basically purified water(pure water). has a great article & is the biggest website on this, with video & pictures showing it.

So pure water is vital. Getting pure food is another matter. orgonite can deal with chemtrails - see][/URL] which has great pictures &


Chlorine is a poisonous gas. Naturally it can't exist by itself, so it combines with other elements most commonly sodium to form sodium chloride - which is salt. It attacks hair, skin & the lungs. Even having a bath or shower you are affected. My understanding now is that people who are very health conscious know about chlorine poisoning already so go out of their way to avoid salt in their food. Not as poisonous as mercury, but salt is bad as it raises blood pressure.

You can get bath/shower de-chlorinaters from (they send overseas).

Chlorine poisoning is an antidote to mercury poisoning!
I used to have mercury(silver) dental fillings. I've had these removed as mercury is the most poisonous substance that exists.

There is still plenty of mercury in my mouth, so I now use steam from a kettle(I also go to a steam sauna) to remove all the mercury that is remaining as it is very effective. I was using filtered water not tap water & got a very toxic taste as the mercury was being released. I recently realized after a dream, that if the steam comes from tap water not filtered water, there will be chlorine in it, and as this chlorine can't exist by itself, it will try to combine with whatever it can - in this case the mercury being released by the steam! It will then form mercury chloride, which would explain why I now get a salt-like taste!

So this chlorine is the enemy that becomes our friend. If there was no chlorine in the water I'd have added a small amount of bleach. The amount of chlorine in the tap water is about right.

To protect my lips & my face, I rub coconut oil(available from Asian food shops) as it's an effective moisturiser that also cures many diseases too like AIDS, malaria, kills parasites, is a good antioxidant, removes dandruff & many other things. Until then you can use extra virgin olive oil.

I've now found a better way to remove mercury from the mouth. I put a drop of bleach into a plastic container, added pure water to it. I then use a straw to put a bit of it into my mouth, & it removes the remaining mercury in my mouth. It's a good idea to always be grateful every time you take it in. At first it was horrible, but you get used to it more & more.

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