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Beginner's Guide To The Psychic Realm

This website has been created to introduce people to the incredible world of the psychic realm. The idea for this website came after hearing about ordinary people suddenly finding themselves having incredible psychic ability, & not knowing what to do or who to turn to.

Scientists deal within limitation. They do not deal with the infinite, psychic realm. I am one of a handfull of people who have realized that science is flawed. Any attempt to pursue science will only help people imprison themselves more & more - and there are infinitely many ways of imprisoning yourself. There's nothing wrong with science - as long as you don't get trapped permanently inside it - and that's the problem.

If you find yourself in the position of having acute psychic ability, even though it may be new to you, you still know more about what you're going through than any scientist/doctor. They are also liable to say negative/sceptical things to you anyway, which can only help to imprison you.

The universe can be regarded as being infinite, rather than the limited, physical thing people think it is - or rather hoodwinked into thinking it is. We're capable of being the infinite beings we're supposed to be.

There is one thing that must be understood: evil on this planet has done everything to destroy/degrade as much psychic ability as possible. It has effectively turned human beings into zombies who only have 5 senses. Did you know that a lot of the beliefs you & other people have (including negative ones) didn't even originate from you - they originated from the people who control our planet? Psychic ability is something we're supposed to have, something we were born with.

As a psychic, I've come across the most evil beings in this universe, as well as angels & beings of infinite love who live in heaven - the most maximum amount of extremity imaginable.


Learning to meditate is such a vital activity to do. It allows you not only relief from everyday stress, but allows your subconscious to heal the damage done by your fears/stress. Stress & fear need each other. Meditation also helps give relief from things like migraines, & even cancer - which helped my brother. It also increases your psychic ability/intuition.

Meditating is easy: sit in a chair which will support your back upright, take a few slow deep breathes & slowly exhale. Visualize pure white light surrounding the Earth, & then surrounding your own body. The body will relax itself more & more as time passes. Focus on your relaxed breathing. The longer you meditate, the better, but even 10 minutes is better than nothing. Listen to sacred/peaceful music if you like too. I also have a website about the most beautiful, haunting, heavenly music I've ever heard, some of which would be suitable. Click


In being psychic, there is no recognition of individuals - we are all brothers & sisters, one group. There is no separation, therefore no fear. The belief that we are individuals is a barrier that can be overcome. The idea we were individuals was nothing more than a virus spreading itself. So any pain you felt in the past was not actually your own, it belonged to all of us - as one group.

We are all one, until you start thinking you're special/need to be special.

The whole of human kind exists as just one consciousness. We are all a part of this one consciousness already, without us needing to do anything. What's happened is that we've deviated from this oneness.

This page is more about love than psychic ability. If you find yourself with amazing psychic ability, the most important desire to pursue is love.

In being part of the psychic realm, I have experienced infinite love. There was just so much love, I very much wanted to share & spread it to others. There was no feeling that I deserved it but not someone else. Meditation will help in reaching such realms, because of the peace involved.

Life is always challenging us to overcome our fears & imprisoned habits. Meditation will help with that.

Love & psychic ability is more about accepting that you have it already, rather than trying to obtain it - and meditation helps.

We receive what we send out. If you receive love, it's because you sent it out. If you receive hate, it's because you sent it out.

The Psychic Realm

We all have something called a spirit guide. This is a being living in a higher dimension who guides us through life. Typical guides include Native American Indians or past relatives. If you spend enough time meditating you will eventually come across them, usually in dreams. We also have a number of angels who are appointed to us, & they help us in our lives.

I strongly urge people NOT TO USE ouija boards. You will attract all types of nasty beings, which is not what your spirit guide/angels would approve of. There is always a safe & a dangerous way to becoming more psychic.

There are a great number of different psychics. Some can communicate with animals, a number can communicate with angels. There's no limit to what a human being can do. The more difficult it is to achieve, the fewer the people to know about it. There are always other beings who can see a bigger picture than you/we can.

I have had the most amazing dreams, coming across beings of incredible love. I believe that the physical realm is a part of the dream realm, but it's been inverted, so making it physical.

I am from Suffolk in the UK. If you would like to leave a message please use the guestbook below. You have the option of making the message a private one(please leave your email address if you do).

Regards Raphael (alias)

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Use an mp3 player to record your dreams if you wake in the middle of the night - they have voice recording. See