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Do We Buy Too Few Consumer Goods Or Too Many?/ID cards

My brother died & I went into his room recently & saw just how much junk (because that's what it really is) & stuff had accumulated, not to mention all the stuff I got when I grew up there. It was horrendous! The house had become a dumping ground for junk/unnecessary stuff/stuff that'll be little used but seemed like a good idea at the time to buy. Sounds familiar? I'm much more spiritually developed/purer now than I was when I grew up, so I can see the huge contrast.

I always borrow books from the public library, & give stuff to charity(thrift) shops.

There was a magazine he had for university graduates about jobs, listing what various students did after they left university. It would be too obvious to say that they all have the same problem too, so I won't.

We've virtually all caught this disease, which can only accumulate with time. It's deliberately created by 'The Most Powerful', who wish more & more needs for everyone, for their own gain, & I got caught up in it too.

What about the people who didn't catch this disease? They include very spiritually pure people, who never gave away their personal power & rights, not people whose needs were unnecessarily created for them. More consumer goods normally mean less freedom, not more. Think of a beautiful room with little furniture, no junk, a lighted candle & you sitting there meditating & calming your mind, then afterwards going outside to see a beautiful sunset. Contrast this with a room with lots of junk, consumer goods, academic books, gadgets, DVDs, magazines then watching junk on tv because it's junk on tv & you don't know what else to do, & you have stress & you're too tired to clear out that junk. See my point?

'The Most Powerful' deliberately put more pressure on school kids (some of whom gave away their right to not be there) because they know the result - more disease which equals more power for themselves.

Consumers live like there's a greedy monster standing behind them.

Needs=more consumer goods=more junk=power which 'the most powerful' love having more of.

I don't want to scare you, but I do. People don't have to give away more of their power because they feel so unloved - the reason why people buy too much in the first place. You're free time & being very relaxed is more valuable than any junk.

People will have to spend time, earning money, to buy more junk, which takes up more of their time, & space, because they were so interested in it, because people don't know what else to do, because people are stressed, because they don't know a more harmonious way of life, because they never thought of it, because of T.M.P., whose power depends upon people not thinking about it, so people would have to spend time, earning money, to buy more junk......etc.

Why not think about more freedom in the first place? The reason is because it requires our own power - which TMP sought to reduce in the first place! People go through education to lose more of their personal power, not gain more of it (which TMP make to look the other way round). More stress=less power to say no to others, guess who knows that? Who said 'buying that item seemed like such a brilliant idea at the time - trust me'?

The planet operates as a hierarchy. Those at the top, who need the most power/control are few in number. The majority, the workers, follow the herd, & are not told the real reasons why various plans are implemented - they are told the opposite, as well as only the benefits of those plans!!!! So people agree to be robots, controlled by TMP.

So people, thought they have to go to school, to get stress & qualifications & dictatorship-like conditions, because they thought qualifications were needed for success, because that's what the teacher said, because that's what their superior said, because that's what their superior said, because that's what their predecessor said, because that's what their predecessor said, and another 10 times...., because people need jobs of course, because they need money, because TMP told everyone they needed it, because TMP wanted to create stress, to stop people being spiritual, to stop people from knowing what power & freedom really exists, to stop them from being able to create their own reality, so they would have to go to school, to get stress & qualifications & slave-like conditions, because they thought qualifications were needed for success........

Do you feel like TMP are running us around like rats on a wheel? Why don't people just do what they really enjoy in life, rather than getting exam results which prove they're good parrots, like the people before them who had to prove that they were good parrots, like the people before...... Mozart & Van Gogh never created their master pieces because they had exams to pass. Despite what scientists, teachers & academics think, success is unconditional, not conditional, & so is genius. And laughter is not something people should be scared of, even if people laugh at you.

A genius would say people do not need to take exams, if you're not a genius, listen to what a genius would say, which is that people do not need to take exams, if you're not a genius, listen to what a genius would say....

So what do schools really achieve? A false idea of what we ALL have to be, a pre-programmed idea of what it thinks reality has to be. Schools help people forget who they really are, which is fine if you have no life purpose, but not so good if you do. They don't teach people to be infinite or to be a spiritual master or even loving.

It was only about the people in power wanting control over all the young children who were put there, by people who didn't know how to look after them or themselves.

There are many examples of school teachers/university lecturers in misery because they thought academic success would lead to success at life! Schools are an example of putting people into limitation, yet some of those entering school are already infinite - more so than a lot of teachers! There are plenty of people who are a success at life, but who were not academic, and those who's spirits/souls were crushed by believing that being academic meant success, who were not a success at life.

Some people had nothing wrong with them in the first place, so they never needed to go to school! It was a case of follow the herd, because everyone else is doing it!

Some people had nothing wrong with them in the first place, so they never needed to go to school! It was a case of follow the herd, because everyone else is doing it. You can either be an academic success, or a success at life, BUT NOT BOTH.

So wave after wave of people all copy one another, all thinking they're going through a unique experience, all thinking education has credibility, and all being limited by TMP!

So who needs people having a pre-programmed idea of what reality has to be? TMP! TMP will assume people don't mind having their human rights removed! The universe is infinite! If you don't agree, then you live inside a prison.

School children are kept well away from reading books about meditation, creating your own empowerment/reality, & spiritual authors like Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life) , Wayne Dyer (10 Secrets for Success & Inner Peace), Deepak Chopra ('The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success' I recommend), the Dalai Lama.

Those controlling the school educational system are themselves controlled by TMP, who themselves are controlled by others, who themselves are controlled by others...who

TMP do not want people feeling worthy, having self-power, who do not buy junk, who never give away their rights, who want to be spiritual.

When I was young I was tricked into science/computers, like many other people, but now I see that by being spiritual I can be access the infinite universe & be much bigger, more free & powerful than anything I ever was then.

For young children, you can't get anything more unnatural than a school. But no one but you can create a natural lifestyle, where you control your health & life & not have others do it for you.

If you're very spiritually advanced, you know that a lack of confidence/control leads people to creating more problems by trying to solve their problems.

Imagine a heavy smoker saying "what about my right to breath fresh air?"! What about someone who 'uses tv, the news media, too much consumer junk, too much absorption in trivial interests'
saying "what about my right to have personal rights?".

Part of the disease includes using tv, the news media, being forced to depend on money & absorption in trivial interests, all of which were designed to keep billions of people in a permanent hypnotic state, which they hope is impossible to wake from. So they control our leisure too. If you don't get back control of your own reality, a certain someone will do it for you. TMP are working fast, very fast. Most of the world's supply of money ends up in their hands, because they're at the top of the pile. They want everyone on the planet to get compulsory ID cards, then move everyone on to being microchipped. All implemented whilst people are far too busy working, buying goods & watching tv. Apparently a limited number of people have been microchipped, without their consent. TMP are TMP.

The microchips are so small they can be inserted by a syringe. A company called "Applied Digital Solutions" was set up by TMP to make/market it.

Hey? Didn't you just say something? Didn't you just whisper "I bet they control terrorists as well?". No. Ah well, it must have been someone else then.

Do we all have to worship TMP? A few crave to be slaves in a dictatorship, or so they themselves say.

If they control the world's money, don't they want to make more people homeless?

Did people think the BBC was independent? Do TMP want people thinking that?

Let's hope they haven't been controlling the giant pharmaceutical or bio-technology food industries all this time, without us knowing about it. Or the CIA, or interpol.

What if we merge the US dollar & the Euro & just have one world currency? Who would end up having control of it, along with the whole human race?

What are loans/debt anyway? Is that when we all owe something to TMP? And since when did a new baby owe something to TMP? Or owe them their identity? TMP manipulate people from the time they're born. TMP need their identity - for tracking purposes, otherwise they'd go free. Babies are then subject to TMP's intimidation/brainwashing cycle, and needing money is part of that. Have you noticed that parents give away the baby's identity freely without any thought after they're born? As if their hands were tied. And if their parents were spiritually developed enough to not give away the baby's identity after they're born, they could then tell them what was contained in this message later, which would then allow them to do what they were really here on Earth to do - help humanity out of its mess.

If you had incredible peace, & you had the power to control your own reality, what difference does it make who won the football, or what the president said? Then why use the news media then? And who controls it?

You only know you're being lied to, if you know what the truth is, otherwise you wouldn't know you were being lied to, which you then take as truth.

In Australia the country's authority tried to introduce ID cards, but the people opposed it & won! It's now being sneaked in the backdoor!

Suppose TMP have everyone's national insurance number stored on computers, so no one is missed out when everyone has to be microchipped. If you haven't thought that far ahead, have they?

Why is it that everything we do seems to need energy? Is someone controlling that supply of energy? I define energy as something that needs to be constantly replaced because it's supply is dropping because it's being used. So this includes money too. Energy has nothing to do with any scientific definition.

So science/engineering is more to do with scientists/engineers serving/being controlled by TMP, rather than a universe which is randomly put there.
If TMP wanted to be kind to us all one day, they have such enormous power that they could stop our need for oil, energy & money. Then of course we would no longer depend upon them for these things, which would be fantastic for everyone, but not for them of course.

You are either someone who knows, or someone who doesn't so therefore has to do research/study, so you're not someone who knows.

If you want to help humanity, you can't do so using science. A step forward is towards a spiritual path, of love, oneness & light, of no unfairness. "Don't go that way" say TMP.

People are unaware of their own power, of what the Earth could/should be like. Science is a step backwards, not a step forwards. Science does more harm than good, and if people's perception is blocked, people only see its benefits. If their perception in unblocked, they see the infinite, as well as how much damage there is. Science is taught in schools. What do TMP think about that? "Wonderful!" they say. "It was us who wanted everyone thinking that science was credible, since we created science. And virtually everyone fell for it!".

So "scientist A" needs what they're doing to be credited by Scientist B, who needs what they're doing to be credited by Scientist C, who needs what they're doing to be credited by Scientist D........who...

We can all see that now.

So how are scientists created? By taking a person & blocking off various parts of their human perception. If the barriers were removed, they could no longer be a scientist, or an individual. Why do you think I recommend meditation so much?

We observe that stress is a prison which others found too enticing. Why do you think I recommend meditation so much?

There are many things which will happen only once. You only get the one chance. If you don't have enough perception & self-control you will have missed that chance. WDYTIRMSM?

Why do you think TMP allow cars, power stations etc.? Pollution damages people far more than they realize. The oxygen content in air used to be 37%, it is now 20% & dropping. It is not going to rise. And if people were allowed access to any infinite ability/perception, they would be free, and would see through all TMP lies. "And we would never be trusted again" say TMP.

Infinite energy has already been invented, and TMP put a stop to it.

Someone who owns their own home owns it right? Right? If you owned a single blade of grass, but you were made to pay tax every year on it, you're really renting it from those you pay tax to, who really own it. So in countries where you have to pay tax every year for owning your home.....

Suppose all the money you have is useless, because you don't have an ID card, which is made essential if you want to use shops & public transport, or because all money is transferred onto the ID card. If people don't say no now, we'll move into having less human rights which will be irreversible, because we will all have accepted it. In the U.K. passports will be replaced by ID cards.

Who made us all think we're living in separate countries, rather than just one? TMP use a principle called 'Divide & Rule' which works like this: you create the idea of 2 countries, called A & B. The people in each country are made to think that they live in those separate countries, each with their own culture, anthem, currency, president, government, democracy etc. You then ensure each is scared of/blames the other. So they both need a mediator right? Someone who controls both of them. Guess who that is? That's right. So people vote in each election in each country & TMP stay in power. The people feel good they voted, TMP feel loved as they ended up in power again!

Economic structures are showing signs of breaking, so money is not worth as much as people thought.

We need to use/make weapons, technology, oil/fossil fuels & schools, because people aren't advanced enough to know how not to need them, because TMP don't want people to be advanced enough to know how not to need them, because TMP need us needing those things, because they need to control/harm everyone using wars, technology, pollution & schooling, to stop us having power, because they need power themselves, to force people to need money, so we have to use/make weapons, technology, oil/fossil fuels & schools, because people aren't advanced enough to know how not to need them....

We need the "medical" service, to "cure" people from diseases by fighting them using "the wonders of drugs/medical science", because people don't know how to deal with diseases, because people are not advanced enough to know how to deal with diseases, because people don't want to be advanced enough to know how, because TMP don't want people being advanced enough to know, because they want power, because they want to control science & medical science & the pharmaceutical industries, so they need people to have diseases, so people need the "medical" service, to cure people from diseases by fighting them using "the wonders drugs/medical science".....

We need police officers, to be told what to do by their superiors, to be told what to do by their superiors, to be told what to do by their superiors the 3 magic letters, to convict/control "criminals", as well as monitoring the public using CCTV, to make people feel great again, because they felt so sad in the first place, because they were victims, because they chose to be victims, because TMP wanted them to chose to be victims, to gain power for themselves, to control/employ the police, so they can remove more human rights/freedom from the public, so they need people to be afraid, so they need to encourage more 'criminals', so people need police officers, to be told what to do by their superiors.....

If we have more police officers that's a good idea right? Right? Let's ask TMP what they think: "It's a brilliant idea! More police officers means we can control the public, not the criminals. If we didn't have police officers, who would we use to control the public? We'd have no one. We'd have to use the army."

Certain young people want to join the military right?, because they want to fight for their country, so that they can be told what to do by their superiors, so that they can be told what to do by their superiors, so that they can be told what to do by their superiors, so that they can be told what to do by their superiors the 3 magic letters, who want people thinking we're at war, because we're in danger, because we have an enemy, who think they're in danger too, so both need weapons, so people have to make them, because they need money, because TMP say so, so they can control the world, to remove even more rights from people, so they need to create wars, so countries need armies, so certain young people want to join the military right?, because they want to fight for their country....

So if people become scientists, bio-technologists, people manufacturing weapons, workers in the oil/energy industry, police officers & soldiers that's a good idea right? Let's ask TMP what they think: "It's a brilliant idea! Everyone wins, the police, the scientists, the people manufacturing weapons, the workers in the oil/energy industry, the soldiers, us & the public!".

So people are afraid of terrorists, so they want something done about it, so they are so scared they have to turn to the news media, so TMP know that people are so scared they have to turn to the news media, so TMP will give people the solution, which involves everyone being forced to have less freedom & human rights, so TMP will have even more power, so they'll need to organize terrorists again later, so people are afraid of terrorists, so they want something done about it.....

TMP ARE NOT ordinary people, but disguise themselves as looking ordinary, which people are fooled by. TMP have learnt that if they use leaders who pretend not to be overt dictators, they can make a lot more progress.

TMP will exploit all people's fears: fear of poverty, invasion, death, criminals, prison, lack of confidence, fear my family or country will die, needing to go to school, lack of self-trust, lack of spiritual purity, trusting of science, trusting the news media, needing to vote in elections etc. It's actually an illusion they're creating for you, to try & increase their power. They even say they do things in the name of God! They are in the biggest sess pit imaginable. If you know all this then you stand a much better chance of dealing with them. We're in this together.

Fear & stress go hand in hand. It's no good making yourself enjoy needing stress & excitement, & then going to hospital expecting them to cure you of cancer or a disease, which itself thrives on stress & excitement. There are many ways of making relaxation/meditation beautiful & enjoyable.

When people work they're getting a supply of money which is now theirs right? Right? Or are they working for those who control the world supply of money? In other words renting it from them. So why do we really need money then? Because it's a fictitious **** invention, which no one ever needed in the first place, created by you know who, so they keep power over everyone. So if they're in charge, it means that they don't need it themselves. So why do we then? Because we chose to give away our power to control our planet to them!!!!!!!! TMP have billions of people working for them, who were never told!

If I hold one U.S. dollar or one pound in my hand, who says it's worth one dollar, as opposed to nothing or an infinite number of dollars? We do, under the authority of TMP. Why can't we say it's worth nothing or an infinite number of dollars? There's no reason! If we all do it, who loses their power? TMP!

So people give their money for taxes, housing & consumer goods, so TMP rake it up, and they don't return it, so people give their money for taxes, housing & consumer goods, so TMP rake it up....

What is money? It's just debt. A new baby starts off with no debt. TMP then says the baby owes money to many people who expect it, and all those people will agree with that, then if the baby grows up & has a child it repeats. But no baby ever owed anyone anything, so it's just a fantasy debt! And with that fantasy debt, TMP get to be in power!

And with each new baby, they have to go to school, to get qualifications, to get know the story.

So governments lie, harm & manipulate everyone. In return everyone trusts them & pays them taxes! "Why not?" say TMP. "Money is nothing more than government issued IOU papers, which people never actually needed! But it's a great way to enslave people right? Besides, if any crisis situations arise, and we always ensure they do, who will the people turn to for help? They'll come begging to us. The public are so stupid aren't they?!!".

The only reason people keep paying taxes is because people are scared of the government eg. the threat of loosing your home, going to prison. We need another way to organize ourselves & contribute to society.

TMP place toxins into our food system, so they ensure the bio-tech food companies are so rich & powerful. Similarly the arms & oil industries are rich & powerful, because TMP need their power. And terrorists think TMP are their "friend", until they later find out that TMP will double-cross them when they are no longer needed. So people working in the bio-tech, arms, oil industries think "Wow! I can make loads of this fictitious thing called money working there! I would never have guessed that TMP would double-cross me later when they remove all our human rights, after our services are no longer needed by them".

Against TMP, we don't just need 5 senses, we need 6 or 7, at the very least. Most people are blissfully unaware of TMP.

Being generous is vital, because you receive what you give. Certain generous people need to improve their ability to receive.

And if TMP don't want people reading spiritual books about self-empowerment, why don't you then? Especially when your own safety is involved, as well as the safety of those you care about. The time spent absorbing the news media could be spent recording the daily dreams you have, which are a far better indicator of what will happen to you than any news. I have records of my dreams going back to 1998. Dreams show us how we can control our reality.

I've never come across the devil before, but I've come across someone close to his position. Not just once, but twice. More than enough for most people! IT IS A HELL OF A SHOCK!!!!

There really are people who live in heaven, although most people don't know it. So it would mean that we're living in a lie, made up by TMP, & we believed it. I feel more powerful now than I have ever done in my life. I don't even need tv! And some very powerful people invented tv.

If you have an account with a large bank, you might want to shift it to a much smaller bank, just in case you later find out who actually controls it. I won't give you any hints - they don't have much regard for our well being. The big banks will otherwise swallow up the smaller ones, which means less choice for all.

How will TMP market the microchipping of people? They'll say you no longer have to queue at airports, or that with a cashless society you won't have to worry about your money being stolen, or that they can then keep an eye on terrorists. Or that you will get miraculous healing benefits, or that you will no longer age, which they could well have the power to make happen. Every possible advantage, but not the true reason, which is that signals can be sent from a super-computer to everyone wearing one & do some very nasty things. They may even make it look as though it was the public's idea in the first place to make it look more credible.

Ultimately, & I mean ultimately, we are one person, living in one physical body, in one country, & TMP have made it look otherwise, through a process of fear, fragmentation & constant intimidation. Not to mention what has been done to increase poverty in third world countries.

We can allow TMP to harm us/humankind far faster than god can help us.

There are evil non-physical beings who need to manipulate humans because they feed off misery. We're stuck in a physical body ever since birth, addicted to physical activities - just what they want. Those in power kidnap kids for sex & satanic murders, they then find someone the public can blame for those abductions.

We still have to love everyone of course, including TMP, who really are just ourselves, because we are everyone. I'm not asking people to blame anyone. Those blaming/hating others will never have control of their own reality, so I ask everyone to love others, including yourself. This means also allowing others to have a right to their point of view too.

What about this: "anything written on a piece of paper is worth nothing more than the piece of paper it's written on". Except for paper explaining how tricks are played by whoever wishes to manipulate the public.

Pray if you want to have joy & freedom. I always do. And pray for the peace of humankind & the planet.

With love there are no opposites, & there is an absence of positive & negative.

If you meditate you will start to see a whole new dimension you didn't see before. If you think the universe is infinite, it's hard for TMP to control you. If you think it's limited, it's easy for TMP to control you.

Music is well known as a way of blocking people's ability to think. TV/radio - where the viewer just receives beliefs - no thought required. All completely unnatural & addictive - we call them prisons. I found out that television was not invented by a man. It was invented by evil/dark beings who wanted to harm & feed off many people all at once. Music & almost all books are drugs, very seductive, very clever, unless you know the trick.

Our unnatural lifestyles allow "mental slime" to feed off us - things like reading technical/mechanical/academic material, watching tv, using the news media etc. are its food, especially if you're taking it in before you sleep. More refreshing is looking at pictures of sunsets, gardens, beautiful beaches etc.

I would also recommend T'ai Chi which helps lower stress, blood pressure, helps self-empowerment & helps the flow of your chi energy. It comes in several forms, from the sedate to the more martial art form. I would recommend either going to classes or using a DVD/video. "T'ai Chi Ch'uan" is suitable for novices.

It would seem that we all use to be Buddhist monks living happily together in harmony. We then got pulled out of that & entered the system we're familiar with living in. It is time for you to create what you think reality should be, rather than follow the herd.

I have a very glossy school/college brochure you can look at with all its great stress/academic courses available.

Listening to music/having entertainment is not a replacement for being happy. You can use entertainment for the rest of your life & never get to experience peace, therefore control of your life.

If you're in school, the headmaster will not be able to expel you because that is under the control of the local education authority. So they may not be able to expel you even if they wanted to. The only valid reason of leaving a school is because you are moving somewhere else. So create a letter(as if from your parent) saying that you are going to move to another part of the country. Go to the headmaster's office & give him/her a piece of paper with your name & class name on it. Knock some stuff over. Tell them "you fucking tell me to leave". They will probably say that that's a matter that only the local education authority can deal with, or they may tell you to leave their school. Tell them "tell the local education authority that you're moving to another part of the country" & give them the letter. Before you do this, tell your parents that you are going to tell the headmaster that you do not want to go to their school any more. Tell your parents, whatever this planet is, it isn't one of freedom. It's a prison. If you're at a private school tell your parents "thanks for paying for the education but I do not want you to pay for it any more". The rest of your life is now up to you.

I'll show you how fictitious life is: imagine a blue elephant dressed as a sailor, who works, pays taxes, watches tv, uses the news media, has a school education, who's been divorced, has 2 kids. Now change the elephant to you, or an alien - there's no difference.

I want to be a scientist. Why do you want to do that for?
I want to be an engineer. Why do you want to do that for?
I want to be a police officer. Why do you want to do that for?
I want to be a lawyer. Why do you want to do that for?
I want to be a teacher. Why do you want to do that for?
I want to be a soldier. Why do you want to do that for?
I want to be a philosopher. Why do you want to do that for?

I did it because I wanted to do it. God abandoned me, he doesn't care for me. God doesn't exist.

I want to be a Buddhist monk. Why? Because I was told to do it by the Father, who loves me.
I want to be a spiritual healer. Why? Because I was told to do it by the Father, who loves me.
I want to be a herbalist. Why? Because I was told to do it by the Father, who loves me.

We are not our thoughts, we are the gaps between them. Life is a story, a movie.

When you dream, you get a better idea of true reality, which is illusion.

Do you still want to buy that superb Spice Girls DVD you've wanted for so long? Could I please ask you to clear out your junk- if you don't no one else will. Was it that important to get in the first place? If you also know someone who wants to join the army, you might want to tell them that someone already controls that army. You're in charge of your life, so you deserve to get what you want.

So what is entertainment? Is that a drug designed to stop people knowing what the truth is? And who would want that? All the people saying isn't entertainment a wonderful thing?

So what do we have then? People sleeping walking straight into the arms of a master dictatorship?

There is a website with the teachings of a man named Florence Scovel Schinn who taught others how to control their reality, for happiness & prosperity. It's in 10 pages & is called 'The Game of Life & How To Play It'. He uses examples from real life & the bible, but this is for illustrative purposes & not to convert anyone to that religion. The more you read of it the better as the better stuff is towards the end:

If you have enjoyed this message please tell others. Also print this page & show it to people who don't have internet access.

Toxins in food/care products

So who controls the medical/dental professions?
Be deadly aware of the following toxins in food/products that we use:

Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulphate
Propylene Glycol a poisonous industrial anti-freeze
DOA/Cocamide DOA
all used in shampoos, lip balm, liquid soaps, face cream. The skin has many tiny holes - which is how poisons get in.
Fluoride: You wouldn't ask a dentist what watch/clothes to buy - it's not their business. Or their business what you use to clean your teeth with. There's a big difference between choosing your own toothpaste, & having the dental profession choose one for you. Read what the US gov kept secret! In the US health food shops sell non-Fluoride toothpaste made from 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS. In the UK try the Holland & Barrett health store which sell AloeDent. You can mix it with water to form a mouthwash. It may be a good idea to add tea tree oil to mixture as it can help protect the teeth.

Fluoride has already been put into the water supply in certain countries. If it isn't in your supply resist any plans for it to be put in. Also check bottled water for Fluoride. I bought some only to find it in the list of contents!
Aspartame: this is a brain de-scrambler, made by the bio-tech companies under the control of ..., found in many sugar-free products. This includes chewing gum, yoghurt, drinks.
Monosodium Glutamate(M. S. G.): found in many "convenience" foods. It tricks whatever brain someone has left into tasting more than there really is. Check all the food you eat.
Benzoate: e.g. Sodium Benzoate which is found in mouthwash & certain carbonated drinks.
Pesticides: used on many foods.
Added 22 Mar 06: Milk. Cows are injected with growth hormones which end up in the milk. Use coconut milk instead. There is a great book called "The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil" by Bruce Fife which lists all the health benefits like curing AIDS, measles, herpes, typhoid, preventing heart disease, strokes, tooth decay (so it can be used on young kids), obesity, parasites, osteoporosis, malaria, protecting the immune system & the skin, helps with weight loss & many other benefits. It is the only safe, effective lip balm & skin moisturiser, as well as a shampoo which treats dandruff. Can be used as suntan lotion. The author also explains that it was the rich & powerful soya bean industry which gave the public the wrong idea that saturated fat was bad & polyunsaturated fat was good. He also says that coconut oil is the safest oil to shallow fry with. Put some into your mouth everyday. Get both the oil & the milk(from Asian food shops). The milk is strong, so dilute it. Someone says it's good for athlete's foot. You can also see

Also see for the benefits of cayenne pepper.

Food additives are poisonous - since when did natural food have any?

Vaccinations: do people get diseases because they lack the natural products the body needs, or because they lack the vaccinations made by the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry & recommended by doctors? Are they unnatural & harmful to the immune system? Who would benefit from harming everyone's immune system? Certain children's vaccines also have mercury. If people don't know what natural products the body needs, why do we find so many doctors who love controlling the public, with their more "superior knowledge" & qualifications - given to them by who? Anything they wish to give to the public they take themselves, without understanding what it does to their body.

Teeth - they were created artificially by dentists right? The human body - was created artificially by doctors right? Or the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry?

Avoid bleach products like paper napkins.
Cooking with a microwave oven is not recommended as it adds negative magnetic energy to food.

Mercury: the most poisonous of all.
Updated: 18 Apr07
Used in silver dental fillings. Most dentists insist it's safe. You can place 100% of your confidence in them of course or, tell them *****. Certain people are far more sensitive to mercury than others. One dentist had his mercury fillings safely removed, immediately noticed the difference & like a number of other dentists, learnt how to remove them safely & stopped putting them into patients. Mercury fillings can make certain people very withdrawn because it cuts/eats into the brain 24 hours a day - which is complete torture. This creates "ringing in the ears" as the brain is eaten away. Read info on mercury fillings If you have them find a dentist who will remove them - they know how & they'll replace them with white fillings. One picture on a website showed vapour coming from it 50 years after it was put in, so it's never too late to remove it.

UK: At the bottom of are links to dentists trained to remove mercury fillings safely. Those in Ely Cambridgeshire see

Ask them where your fillings are, then tell them you "would be grateful if they removed the upper set first" (these are more directly connected to the brain). They will probably only remove 2 per session. They may say they can only do the left or right side each visit. If you have at least 3 fillings book 2 appointments rather than one.

There will be mercury all over the mouth, & this has to be removed through using a steam sauna or breathe through the mouth over a kettle filled with tap water. The chlorine in tap water combines with mercury. Or use water with a small amount of bleach because it contains Chlorine. It is a good idea to add tea tree oil to the mixture as it can help protect the teeth. It will take years to remove it all.

When the fillings have been removed, there will now be a big deposit of mercury gas where the fillings used to be. If the dentist puts in permanent fillings, you won't have open access to that area. If you use one of the dentists trained to remove mercury fillings safely they should understand what the problem is. If you don't your only solution is to find a dentist who will replace them with temporary fillings(which can be removed by cocktail sticks). Such dentists will be hard to find.

It's not damaged teeth which cause toothache - it's eating the wrong food. If someone with toothache ate the natural foods that humans are supposed to eat, they would no longer get toothache. Dentists assume that there is no food which is safe to eat which is why they would not want to remove fillings without replacing them with permanent ones.

The natural sugars in fruit & honey are not enough to damage the teeth/body, unlike convenience food which have salt, sugar & food additives Excessively added.

US: write to:
The Environmental Dental Association
10160 Aviary Dr.
San Diego, CA 92131
(800) 388-8124

Or try here

If you're outside the UK use google to find 'dentists against mercury'.

The Chlorine/water mouthwash should be used immediately as soon as the fillings are removed.

Read about mercury removal(have an injection of 3000mg of vitamin C into your veins up to 1 hour before filling removal to absorb mercury exposure - ask your doctor for this prescription. You need 1 injection per dentist visit.)
Also use activated charcoal(health food shops) when you get home & just before filling removal. Take 5 grams fifteen minutes before the dental appointment starts and another 5 grams after. Expect black coloured stools. Activated charcoal is not absorbed nor digested. See & read here

My dentist used a rubber dam(mouth guard) which stops bits falling into the mouth. Your dentist may not have this, so put a handkerchief into your mouth.
Optional-Read more on mercury detoxification & its associated diet
Mercury forum here - they recommend taking 1500mg of Algin 4 times a day for 2 days before removal. If you buy kelp, kelp contains algin. Kelp is a seaweed available in powder/capsule form, treats herpes and has many nutrients - these include over 70 minerals and trace elements, growth hormones, vitamins, enzymes, and proteins which include iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. See & for info.

In the UK you can buy kelp at They also sell activated charcoal, many herbs, organic dried fruit/nuts(they send overseas), as well as pumpkin seeds, which are high in magnesium, zinc, iron & omega 3 oils & helps kill parasites.

If your doctor won't prescribe an injection of vitamin C, sells syringes. Try the 10ml ones with needles. sell vitamin C powder.

See for mercury detoxification products - they send overseas. They have "LL's Magnetic Clay" (a kit which includes a bag of non-toxic Bentonite volcanic ash clay you mix with bath water).
They also sell Bio-Chelat - a modern chelation product which can overcome the blood-brain barrier without the side-effects of old chelation products like Penicillamine, DMPS & DMSA. Take on an empty stomach.
There is another product from called 'mercury magnet' which is said to be a better product, but I've never used it yet. Has the firm gone bust? Another product said to be used for mercury is cellular zeolite. This has aluminium, which is toxic. I tried one bottle but didn't find it help remove mercury from the brain.

Drink river water to detoxify: I had a dream where I found a wonderfully happy being who knew all about mercury detoxification. The main method they suggested was to drink diluted clean river water. Probably better done on an empty stomach. There's a travel purifier at (can send overseas) £35, $70 that can use river water & filters 375 litres. has a UK website for finding the cleanest river.

US: sell the BerkeyTravel at $100. Or see from

[You will need a dust mask to use LL's Magnetic Clay. Try getting a disposable one. Do not buy ones called 'comfort masks'. In the U.K. you can buy the 'Scan Sse 052 Disposable' (rated FFP2) at by typing "dust mask" in the 'DIY & Tools' search category. In the U.S. try part #9006, rated N95 (the U.S. equivalent to FFP2).]

I was listening to the internet radio show "Beyond the Matrix" on On a previous show a guest introduced me to the Morgellons/chemtrail danger & its Nutrasilver cure. He added that another man discovered something called Miracle Mineral Supplement which cures malaria, AIDS, tuberculosis, many cancers, bird flu, anthrax & many other pathogens. It helps with Morgellons & removes heavy metals. One woman had no mobility in her hand & foot for 20 years - within 2 hours she had mobility in her hand & foot. He then freely made public the formula so that people could be helped, especially those in Africa. His website is has instructions on its use.

see also

MMS can be bought at
for US$20 per bottle giving 650 doses of 6 drops. So it'll last 650 days if you took 6 drops per day. It's a good idea to also buy the citric acid bottle at $1. International postage is $52. is the biggest forum on MMS.

The discoverer of MMS also says
"Secondly, the MMS oxidizes the heavy metals within the body. I
believe this because there have been a number of tests where the
hair roots were checked before and after taking MMS. Afterwards,
the heavy metals were gone. That includes mercury and lead and
several other metals. Unfortunately, hair root testing is not totally
accurate, but it is a good indication. Oxidation of the heavy metals is
not the same process as chelating, but the results are the same.
When a heavy metal is oxidized it is neutralized and is simply washed
out of the body."

See on making distilled water for adding to citric acid. --

Mercury harms people without them being fully conscious of it. I had mine removed just before I was going to die from it. MERCURY IS THE NUMBER 1 BLOCK TO SELF-EMPOWERMENT.
If you know of people who are very withdrawn from society, ask them if they have mercury fillings. Mercury fillings could be the number one cause of death/cancer. It is our responsibility to see that withdrawn people are free from mercury fillings - they will be suffering a great deal & will have brain damage & maybe internal neck damage. They may also need help paying for it. Notice how mercury fillings are cheaper than white ones!

[For those needing detoxification from mercury fillings:
garlic(or garlic granules) daily helps with mercury removal. Also use Zinc tablets (30mg daily), vitamin E(400iu per day or 800iu for over 40s), vitamin C 1000mg, selenium, algin(kelp), extra virgin olive oil (3 to 5 tablespoons daily) & "whey protein" (powder or tablets) from health food/online shops - mercury toxic people will need increased protein, as well as Cat's Claw & Chlorella of course.]

Even if you have no mercury fillings, you may still have mercury from vaccines or eating fish, as well as other pollutants. Mercury is found in talc powder, fabric softeners, hair dyes.

One important health issue I've recently come across are parasites/worms which live in our stomach. It's believed most people have them. These can get there in a number of ways including our food.

There is a herb called "Cat's Claw" which is anti-parasitic (stops parasites), anti-fungal, anti-cancer, removes toxic metals/chemicals, boosts the immune system, treats hay fever, rheumatism, shingles & has many other health benefits too.
In the U.K. they can be bought at
They sell many herbs including jasmine, with which you can make a wonderful tea with. My parents are Chinese & they drink it.

Read about Cat's Claw here (a vendor's website)
Read a detailed report about Cat's Claw here

Cinnamon also kills parasites.
Read more about these parasites here

Chlorella is an algae available in tablet/capsule form with many health benefits, a few of which are: boosting the immune system, removing toxic substances which include mercury, PCBs, DDT, cadmium & lead, as well as helping to balance the body's pH, providing essential amino acids & vitamins/minerals.
Read about Chlorella here (a vendor's website)
Read about Chlorella here

A third of people cannot eat Chlorella, so for them kelp or Chitosan can help remove mercury. See on Chitosan

Poisins, toxins, parasites, disease, worry, negative beings/thoughts all work together. Anything which removes toxins from the body will therefore release suffering too. Cat's Claw & Chlorella can be obtained from health stores, or use the or search engines where many stores sell them.

LL's Magnetic Clay comes in a number of variations, one of which is the "Clear Out Detox" (a general one) for removing toxic metals/chemicals(including mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminium), which may have built up in the body for years, as well as parasites/worms. Other Bentonite clays can contain up to 70% aluminium. LL's Magnetic Clay has very little aluminium. You will need Chlorella(or other similar product like Ginseng, Spirulina or Aloe Vera) if you use the LL's Magnetic Clay as it removes minerals & amino acids that will need replacing.

[LL's Magnetic Clay/Cat's Claw/Chlorella are not for pregnant women. If you are pregnant, or you cannot take baths, or require additional toxic removal, one product that removes toxic metals(including mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, aluminium), PCBs, pesticides & parasites is a pad you attach to one of your feet when you sleep from I ordered some using the cheapest shipping method & it took 11 days from the U.S. to the U.K.]

It's believed that most people have a body which is too acidic due to eating too many acidic foods. Cola for example is very acidic. The body is supposed to be neutral to be safe (so the pH would be 7). A pH below 7 is acidic, a pH above 7 is alkali.
Read more about alkali producing foods which therefore help (teas which help are mint, alfalfa, clover, sage, spearmint).

For everyone: it is recommended to take 1000mg vitamin C daily, 2 or 3 tablespoons daily of extra virgin olive oil(you can fry with it & it's a good lip balm/skin moisturiser - store in a dark place), flaxseed oil(can be capsules) or cod liver oil(both high in omega 3 oil). Always avoid food with the phrase "hydrogenated oil" in its ingredients(also known as trans-fatty acids) so avoid margarine & shortening. The correct ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 oils is about 1:2 (for every 2 grams of omega 6 eaten take 1 gram of omege 3) Read more here, including the danger of hydrogenated oils

The toxins were all put there by you know who, so we all have to thank them for doing that of course as we know they are so kind.
Other health truths you need to know but kept from the public! Includes mercury.

Added 17 Dec 06
Any more info on health will now appear here

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