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Dalton's Domain
aka King Cloud

Welcome to my horse page! My horse is a 7 year old black Quarter Horse gelding, I've had him for 2 years this July. His name registered name is King Cloud, but I call him Dalton after my ancestors, the infamous Dalton Gang. I made this page as a tribute to my horse (my buddy) and to all horses everywhere. Hopefully I can accumulate some good links and information so that those of you that have horses, and even those of you that don't, will all find something useful regarding our horse friends.

Quarter Horse Pride
What is it?
It is the pride of owning, raising, breeding, training, showing, or just loving Quarter Horses! I made this ribbon for anyone who has QH Pride, and would like to display it on their website. Please feel free to take it, and if you do, please email me so that I may add a link to you!

This Cowboys-n-Cowgirls site is owned by
King Cloud aka Dalton.

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