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It's Been There

Hustling and bustling
thru the streets we go,
shopping for our families
and friends that we know

Each of us on a mission
to find the perfect gift
never stopping for a moment,
to ever really notice it

Yet it's there, always there
shining brightly as it was
the night so very long ago,
the first night of Christmas

No matter where you are,
no matter what the night
this perfect star is there
shining strong, shining bright

So one evening when you are yet,
on another holiday shopping whim
look up and there you will see,
the star that led them all to him

It's been there all these years,
it's been there for a reason,
it's been there to remind us all
the real meaning of the season

Amee Cross

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Remember The Reason For The Season!!

1999 Copyright by Amee Cross