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Trucking Lingo

*All lingo is entered as submitted
These are from some friends of mine,,,TooSpeed & Blackhillsrose :)
"No Feelin' Like Cow Mobiling"

Front Door = lead or in front of
Back Door = behind
Rocking Chair = in the middle of (usually two trucks)
10-4 = ok-I got it-yes-allright
Home 20 = is where you live
What's your 20? = is asking where your at now
Rock this stock = Lets go (cow hauling)
Rooster Cruisin = in the hammer lane
Chicken scratching = going honky tonking
Chicken Coop = DOT weigh-scale house
County Mounty, Big Bad Bear = law enforcement officer
Big Road = interstate
Goat Trail, Sand Hills Superhighway = wide enough for four wheeler and a half
Don't Weaken = put her to the floor and dont back out
Rhubarb = ditch, no road available
Full Grown = Highway Patrol, Statey

Here's some from the LI Cowboy, HlofaWmn, and their crew :)

Alligator = tire or piece of one in the road
Hammer Down = foot on the accelerator
Flying Low = cruisin at a high rate of speed
City Kitty = female local police
Local yokel = any local police
Choke and Puke = truck stop

Here's Some From Down Under!!! Thanks To Lenore Fyffe of Western Australia

Crossing the paddock = travelling across the
Nullarbor Plain (Nullarbor - between South Australia & Western
Village = small town
Double bubble = marked policecar
Plain wrapper = unmarked policecar
Kojak with a kodak = policeman/car with camera
Candid camera = automatic speed camera
Seat covers = females in a car
Dollar = one hundred kilometres/hour
Dollar fifteen = one hundred & fifteen/hour etc

Many Thanks To Rainmans Wife For these! :~)

Hole in the Wall = West Virginia
Keystone = Pennsylvania
Commercial Company = Prostitute
Good Buddy = Homo Truck Driver

Thanks to Heatmizer for these ones!

1.Full grown bear = State trooper
2.Baby bear = Local police
3.County mounty = Local police
4.Deisel cop = D.O.T. officer
5.Chicken coop = State scale
6.Bushwhacker = Hidden police radar
7.Picture taker = Police radar
8.Green horn = New driver
9.Old hand = Experienced driver
10.Hand = Fellow trucker
11.Lumper = Paid dock worker
12.Bump a door = unload
13.Hammer down = running hard
14.Hammer lane = fastlane
15.Cracker head = idiot ( I guess)
16.The Buckey = Ohio
17.The guitar = Nashville
18.Shy town = Chicago
19.The dump = New York City
20.La La land = L.A. California
21.Communist state = California
22.4 wheeler = car
23.Noise toy = sound effects on C.B.
24.Yard stick = mile marker
25.Yard line = mile marker
26.Clear = safe to merge
27.Pickle park = rest area
28.Wiggle wagon = Double or triple trailer
29.Radio check = is my C.B. radio working?
30.Lot lizard = Prostitute

Here's some from Dylan Claypool!

CB rambo = I think it is some one that sits at home on a base that cusses or cause confusion
Rachet Jaw = Some one that talks alot
Road Donkey = A moose!!
New Breed = Young driver
Bear with a camera = Police checkin radar

Mr. "SnakeDR" offered these ones..........

4 inch wheeler = car or small pickup
Smoke city = Birmingham Al.
Monkey town = Montgomery Al.
WarterMelon 500 = The Loop around Atlanta
On the Flip Side = On the Return Trip
Makin a Flip = Bear or Someone turning around on the road

Miranda sent these in to us!

shakey = California
bright lights = Kansas City
circle or circle city = Indianapolis
mile high = Denver
gateway or gateway city = St Louis
load of dispatcher brains = empty trailer
load of motorcycle doors = empty trailer
load of sailboat fuel = empty trailer