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Truck Shots II

Cowboy's Classic!
1976 Freightliner, 425 CAT, Pulling 2 40' Trailers
Definitely This Cowboy's Work Horse!

~ Here's KNB & 2Stix Pride. ~
A 1985 Peterbilt Conventional w/475 Silver 8V92 Detroit/2 Tranny's
Splicers/Main 5sp./ & Aux. 4sp. overdrive 355 rears!!
AND....She's not just for looks either, this truck runs from Pa. to
Tx./Mn./Con./ & Fla.
Owner Ken "Two Sticks" Baker & KNB Trucking

Nedra & Allan sent these to us. They work for Trailer Transit (A Tow-Away Company) and own their own tractors. The truck shown has a Cummins 525 engine with Eaton 18 over gear shift. Nedra tell us "With it's really tight turning radius and smooth ride, and is a real joy to drive". They can haul just about anything on wheels and get to travel the entire United States of America and Canada! "It's home 6-8 weeks, then we go relax on our 45' sailboat"! :~)

~ The Sidestep Express ~
It is an 89 model Volvo, equipped with a 3406 Cat a 13 speed and 3.50 rear ends. Everything is air ride and all the shiny stuff comes from Esleys Truck parts in Portland. The truck's owner, Robert Underwood, is an Owner/Operator leased to Collins Transports Intermodal division in the Portland Terminal.

We want your "Truck Shots"
Send them to,
P.O. Box 1111
Coalinga, CA. 93210