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Trucking Funnies

*Fair Warning*
This page is all in fun, and the jokes are clean, if you are offended by them, then either submit something better or go back from whence you came!

Q. How many bull haulers does it take to load a bull into the trailer?
A. 10, 1 to drive the forklift and 9 to hold him on the pallet.
Q. Why does Schnieder National have the blue and white striped triangle on the bottom left hand doors on all their trailers?
A. They had to put that there so the Amish would what side to pass them on. ________________________________________________________________________________
Q. Do you know why JB Hunt paints their truck and trailer chassis orange?
A. So they look like Schnieder's when they roll them over ________________________________________________________________________________
Q. Do you know why JB Hunt trucks have windshields on the inside ?
A. To clean the windshield when their driver's immitate the sound of a jake brake. ________________________________________________________________________________
JB & the Trooper There was a JB Hunt running bobtail across I-40 in TN.,stopped by a TN.State trooper. The trooper asked: Aren't you missing something ? Driver replies: No I don't think so. The trooper says: Driver, well I think you better follow me. So they both got turned around at the next exit and went back down I-40 and they drove about 10 miles then they pulled over and both of them stood on the side of the road. And there it was, a JB Hunt trailer upside down in a ditch on the side of the road. The trooper asked: Is that yours? Driver replies: No I don't think so, We don't have wheels on the top of our trailers! ________________________________________________________________________________
Rumor has it that JB Hunt has ordered new trucks with sun roof's on them so their driver's could blow the air horn! ________________________________________________________________________________
Did you know that JB Hunt pulled tankers for a while? They had to give it up because the drivers kept drowning when they put in their load locks! ________________________________________________________________________________