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The Angels Are Carrying Me To Heavens Gates

Trembling in fear I laid
Hoping it would end
Echoes of gunshots in the background
An Angel took my hand..
Nothing seemed familiar
God knew I was scared
Everything around me
Looked foggy from way up here....
Soaring above it all
Amazed at what I saw
Realizing that my time here
Expired within those walls....
Confusion rushed my mind
Aware of what would be
Remembering all the good times
Remember them through Me!
Yesterday I said Good-Bye
I wasn't ready yet
Neither were the others
Gunned down in cold bloodshed......
Mom and Dad I'll Miss You
Each And Every Day!
Try to keep my memory alive
Often stop and pray....
Heavens beauty is remarkable
Everything here is calm
Angels are watching over me now
Violins are playing soft, sweet songs...
Eternity was my fate
No one will hurt me again
So have no fears or worries
God's holding me in his hands...
Accept the things you cannot change
Trust and have no doubts
Each of us have angels wings now
Soaring high above the clouds.......

Written 4-27-99 By Cindy Harwood Baran..4-26-99....In memory of those who lost their lives that terrible day... May God hold them in his loving arms and keep them safe....God Bless! AMEN.....

"Midi made by Benjamin Burnes, EMail him at
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