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Captain Paul may be found on the waters edge near Breezes. Due to laws now he cannot come to you on the beach but you may approach him and you should.

VISIT MY SITE Here you will find all the information that you need to have the best snorkel trip you imaginable.

Captain Paul will take you a short ride from shore to a little known yet incredible reef. Don't spend your snorkel time riding in a boat....with Captain Paul and NINJA you will spend that precious time in the balmy water viewing the secrets less than 12 feet below the surface. You will also have a caring guide who will treat you as family.

Don't stray too far though because however good a swimmer you are or old you may be, Captain Paul will blow his airhorn to tell you that you have gone out too far. It is easy to drift as you see the magic below the surface of the azure waters. That is why the good Captain watches over you as he does.

Captain Paul cares about his guests and their safety. A warmer host you will never find at prices that are affordable for families. If you don't wish to snorkel but still wish to go for the ride with your family, Captain Paul may have just the offer for all of you.

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Your Host Captain Paul Wells aboard the NINJA 
Heading home after a long but fun day with his guests

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