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All Brass Steam Train and Boat Whistles by R.W.Young Enterprises

All Brass Steam Train and Boat Whistles by R.W.Young Enterprises


All brass 4-note "Challenger" train whistles for trains, boats, trucks, buses, railcars, trackcars, automobiles, business, hobby and recreational use. Our polished brass Challenger train whistles are the only 4-note train whistles in production today that meet the Federal Railroad Administration requirement for sound level. They're used on scenic railways, trackcars, trucks, buses, boats, restaurants and in factories. They deliver 126db at 20 ft. and 96db at 100 ft., the FRA requirement. The sounds produced are beautiful steam train whistle chords right out of the past, so they will also provide pleasure and fun when used along with your hobby and recreational activities.

We make our whistles to sound good, look good and to last. All parts are made from 1st quality American brass, then polished and clear coated before assembly.

Our "Tall-Boy" riverboat whistle and our "Challenger","K4h","K4la"and "M4"train whistles can be heard by clicking on their color highlighted names.They are designed to obtain maximum efficiency from available air and have an operating range of 10 psi to 120 psi and above.

We also make a C#-note tug boat whistle with one 13 in. x 1 1/2 in. dia. tube, 17 in. overall length. Also an F#-note very deep whistle with an 18 in. x 1 1/2 in. dia. tube, 22 in. overall length. Challenger whistle length is 13 in. Weights range from 7 to 9 lbs. We also have valves and high-output D.C. compressors by Thomas Industries.Two models - 1/5hp and 1/3hp are available.

One of our latest additions is a 3-trumpet chromed brass - stacked configuration train horn, with an authentic diesel locomotive sound and just as loud. Comes with an electric solenoid control valve, push button and 20' of 3/8" air line.

Another new addition is our imported, Compressor, Horn and Tank Kit. A complete package for car or light truck use, with a 2-trumpet horn. Kit includes,(1) loud 2-trumpet horn,(2) electric solenoid valve with push-button control,(3) air line,(4) - (5"X7") tank,(5) air gauge,(6) compressor with pressure switch, and(7) all necessary wiring and threadlocker.

Just arrived, new train horn with horizontally mounted low profile trumpets. Same sound and trumpets as our other train horn. Click on, TRAIN HORN for picture.

Another new item is our imported Compressor/Tank Combo. It comes with a pressure switch, 14 1/2" X 7" tank, 12 volt compressor, wire leads with alligator clips, air fittings and air line, and air gauge. Quick disconnect extra. This unit can be used with our train horn as well as for airing up tires, etc. Click on, Comp/Tank Combo for picture.


Train Whistle @ $289.00 -Picture, Sounds - Challenger, K4h, K4la, M4.

Train Horn @ $225.00 - Horizontal Style, Picture. Stacked Style, Picture. Sound - both horns.

Compressor, Horn & Tank Kit @ $159.00 - Picture,

Compressor / Tank Combo @ $225.00 - Picture

Control Valve @ $77.00 - Polished & Coated Brass for Whistle or Horn Use. Picture

Boat Whistle / Deep @ $289.00 - Sound

All orders shipped priority U.S. Mail. F.O.B. Long Beach, CA. USA. International orders prepay US funds. All others prepay or C.O.D.

The whistles have a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Order now or request additional information by phone, fax, e-mail or mail to:

R.W.Young Enterprises
P.O. Box 91021
Long Beach, CA 90809-1021 USA
Phone (800) 252-5196
International Phone or fax (714) 842-5933


  • Train Whistles @ $289.00
  • Tug Boat Whistle (C#-note) @ $289.00
  • Large Ship Whistle (F#-note/very low) @ $289.00
  • DC Compressor - 1/5HP @ $220.00
  • DC Compressor - 1/3HP @ $595.00
  • Control Valve-polished brass @ $69.00
  • Train Horn (3-trumpet, chrome with control valve) @ $249.00
  • Compressor, Horn & Tank Kit (2-trumpet) @ $159.00
  • Train Horn (Horizontal Trumpets) @ $249.00
  • Compressor/Tank Combo @ $159.00
  • Compressor/Tank Combo with quick disconnect @ $165.00
  • Valve Stand - $55.00
  • Tall-Boy Riverboat Whistle @ $289.00

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