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PEOPLE STOP E-MAILING ME AND ASKING ABOUT THE POKEGODS,ALL I KNOW IS,I don't know,The only one I tried is the pikablu one,the pikablu works that is the only code I know works,my friend sumbited these codes so I dunno.How To Get Pikablu in Pokémon Red and Blue In Cerulean Caverns, Pikablu is very rare, and you need Max Repel to find her. Pikablu is found by using Max Repel. Before Max Repel wears off, one Pokemon might penetrate your Repel. This Pokemon will come in any form, but is strong. This is a great Pokémon to use your Master Ball on. Pikablu will attack with moves like Tunderswift and Quicklight. How To Get Chartres In Poketower, run from a Haunter and a Gastly and a Cubone and use Max Repel. Gastly, Haunter, and Cubone must be right one after another. Run from each. Then use Max Repel, as with Pikablu, one will penetrate your Repel, only this one will look like a mix between Charizard and Moltres. How To Get Charticuno This is in Viridian Forest. He will look like a mix between Articuno and Charmander. He will attack with both Fire and Ice attacks. He may also use Psychic. This is more commonly found in Poketower. To find him, faint all of these Pokemon in this order. In Viridian Forest: Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, Pikachu In Poketower: Cubone, Marowak, Gastly, Haunter. To recieve Charticuno, you must have all the Pokemon listed above. How To Get Melomagticuno The most powerful Pokemon. He can only be found once, and that's in Rock Tunnel. You cannot use Flash. Melomagticuno is a Poison/Ice/Fire pokemon. Walk around until an Onix appears. He must then be followed by a Zubat, he must then be followed by a Paras, then a Geodude. All these must be at least 10 steps apart. When you see him, do not run! He is a level 90 Pokemon, but just putting him to sleep will let you capture him with an Ultra Ball. He attacks with moves like Fissure, Crumble, Fireball, Melomagticunokill, and Ice Dance.