Don't laugh! You'd be amazed how many people have come to see us who have said "We never imagined that we would one day come to Hong Kong!!"

Many of our personal callers coming from UK have booked their flights and hotels through a company in London called "Trailfinders" of 9 Abingdon Road, Kensington W8 6AH Tel 071 938 3366 and have come here at very competitive prices.

Many come on a highly recommended airline, Emirates Air, which makes one stop in Dubai en route to Hong Kong, and then stay at some very well located hotels here in Hong Kong ideal for sight-seeing, shoppping and, of course, visiting Angus International!

Others come on Virgin, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and NZ Airlines to and from Oz and NZ at very competitive rates too, frequently staying at the Metropark [Formerly the Metropole] Hotel just around the corner from us - see our map!

Why not make enquiries??!!

Others book VERY cheap tickets on AEROFLOT Russian Airlines [known, apperently in the trade as "AEROPFLOP"] via another agency whose name, unfortunately , we don't know at the moment, changing planes in Moscow. The return fare apparently is less than a domestic return ticket to anywhere in Britain on British Rail- but it has to be said that most passengers emerging from the plane are either whitefaced and speechless or just quietly gibbering.

If you come to Hong Kong

If you come to Hong Kong

Bring our map with you. We are just a 10 minute ride from downtown Kowloon and a few blocks from the nearest Mass Transit Railway Station.

Show the Taxi driver our name on the "How to Get Here Map",


Browse through our entire stock & rummage through all our remnants.

Snap up our offcuts which we sell by the Kilo irrespective of silk type (quilters/patchworkers please note) [Sorry we do not sell these by mail order - we cannot meet demand!]

Browse through our evergrowing collection of bridal and dressmaking magazines.

Read through some of the weird and wonderful correspondence we have received over the past 20 years, especially to the Office Cat!

Look at all the pictures of beautiful dresses made of our silks sent to us by delighted brides, bridesmaids and dressmakers all over the world!

Scrutinise the forged bankdrafts, letters of credit, purchase orders etc that we receive almost every week from the Nigerian School of Commercial Crime!

Ask our staff for any information you need to find your way around this amazing city. They will do their utmost to help you!

Then you can buy at our rock-bottom "Local" prices - the cheapest you can get, even here in Hong Kong! [Some of our silks cost less than ?/US$4/A$5 per metre if you come to our shop!]

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