Friends coming to Hong Kong e.g. BA/Virgin/Qantas/Air NZ airline staff?



You can always phone/fax/email your order through to us and we’ll happily deliver to their Hotel, Hong Kong address at our LOCAL PRICES shown our price sheets. No hassle for them, a bargain for you and yet another satisfied customer for us.


BA Crews stay at the Excelsior Hotel.

Virgin Crews stay at the Park Lane Hotel


BA/Virgin crews can board a Number 103 bus just outside the “Big Bucket Reflexology” shop [yes, really!!] just 100 metres west of the Excelsior Hotel and can alight at the Metropark Hotel just 100 metres from our shop.


Qantas crews stay at the Langham Place Hotel just 10  minutes walk away along Argyle Street – see “Map How to Find us” on our website.