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Washington Mutual is Unfair
Boycott Washington Mutual

I would not be making this statement on the Internet if Washington Mutual had conducted business in Good Faith! In Fact this statement comes from my 15 years of experience in the Banking Industry. I am seeking any and all Ex-Employees of Coast Federal Bank, Home Savings Bank and Washington Mutual Employees that were affected by the Washington Mutual take over of Home Savings. Please e-mail your statement here with me at this web site so that I can make the statements available to the General Public. I am sure the Public would like to know the real Washington Mutual! This bank portrays themselves as "The Local Hometown Friendly Bank," This is far from the truth! This is a big bank looking to get bigger so they can take over and dominate the Market! "Free Checking" that's a joke folks because when this bank has a majority market share you won't see anything free!

This is My True Story "How I Feel Washington Mutual Cheated Me, a Single Mother of two, out of over $8,000.00" I was an employee of Coast Federal Bank for over 12 years. In April of 1997 there were rumors flying around that Washington Mutual was looking to purchase Coast Federal Bank. At that time the announcement was made public, Washington Mutual did all their homework and made an offer. Ray Martin, CEO of Coast Federal Bank declined. It was much to our surprise that on October 13, 1997, Mr. Martin announced that Home Savings was purchasing Coast Federal Bank! The completion of that merger was March 9, 1998. Before the ink could dry another announcement was made, "Washington Mutual was purchasing Home Savings," this announcement was made March 23, 1998, exactly 10 business days after the Coast/Home merger. It seems to me that this was a contemplated merger between Mr. Killinger (CEO of Washington Mutual) and Mr. Rinehart (CEO of Home Savings), although everything was hush, hush. Well, needless to say this was very overwhelming for all the employees and the customers of Coast Federal Bank. And who wanted to be put through another merger being that the last one had left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Well, months went by and the unknown hit hard with all the employees but we did the job we were asked to do. We worked hard making our goals and comforting the Coast customers assuring them that Washington Mutual was a fair and good company, "Look they are giving out NEW $20.00 bills to anyone off the street, and look at all the ads on TV" Well that's what I thought until I was taken for a ride. On September 30th I received my last and final check, (I guess I wasn't going to be working for Washington Mutual after October 1) and then on October 1, 1998, as was given my official notice, (nice way to let someone know, don't you agree)? Now the whole point of my story is to say that Coast and Home Savings had prepared a severance package for all Coast employees, in that package it states that if an employee of Coast were to be terminated before December 31, 1998, we would be entitled to this package. However, Washington Mutual did not uphold to that agreement, they came up with their own severance package, which of course didn't come close to the Coast severance package. You would think that after 12 years of service and an outstanding employment record they would take care of their employees. I myself was cheated out of about $8000.00, and I know that there are a lot of you Ex-Coast Federal, Ex-Home Savings and now Ex-Washington Mutual employees out there that were also cheated. I'm sure like myself you have all written letters and made phone calls expressing your grief and like myself have not received a phone call or a letter back. This is why I have prepared this web page so that you too can let the public know how Washington Mutual conducts their business. Please feel free to E-mail your comments. We will be posting additional pages with your comments, to view these comments click the button below.

Urge your friends and family members to boycott Washington Mutual and to visit this website. Thank you

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