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Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread House Rocks are the highlight of Christmas decorating. They come in large (6"-10") and small (2"-3") to add to your X-mas villages, serve as a centerpiece, or perfect as a gift.
Small $10.00+sh/hdlg. Large $20.00

Small Gingerbread House
Large Gingerbread House

Churches are perfect rocks to add to any decor for Christmas. They come in small(3-4") and large (6-10") and have stained glass windows, a bell and a cross in gold. Large churches can have the name of any church written on it. Send a note with your order and we'll add the name. Small $10.00ea. Large $20.00ea.+ sh/hdlg.

Small Church
Large Church

Quaint One of a Kind Houses

Quaint little houses are ideal rocks to create a special little village display in your home for Christmas, or even in your garden. They come in various styles and colors. These small houses are approx. 3"x2". Larger ones are also available. If you are interested in your home painted on a rock, email me with a picture and I'll paint one for you. $15.00 ea.+ sh/hdlg Depending on the rock size and detail of custom orders prices may vary.

Green House

Blue House
Red House
Purple House

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