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Nana Bears: Online Collector Bear Headquarters

Nana Bears of Williamsburg

by: Nancy L. Stewart
Williamsburg, VA 23185
(757) 291-7272

Dedication in Memory

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Bears Available For Adoption

Heirloom Fur Bears

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Nana Bears are individually hand-crafted, signed, numbered & dated on their Tush Tag. All heirloom fur bears will be shipped with a Gold Pineapple pin, as the pineapple is the symbol of Williamsburg Hospitality. The pin is attached to a small gift card explaining the meaning of the pineapple.

All orders require a 50% Deposit with the balance paid before shipment. Any Net Due shipment not paid in full within 10 days will be subject to action through Small Claims Court. Not only will you be responsible for your balance, but also court costs to collect. Please remember.....Your email order DOES serve as a binding contract.(Yes, I have been stiffed for being a nice guy and not requiring a deposit-live & learn!)

We are now accepting credit card payments through Pay Pal!

Thank you for visiting Nana Bears of Williamsburg!

PLEASE NOTE: All photos are copyright protected and may not be removed without permission.

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