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Paul Reyna Remembered

On August 23/24, 1999 a great person was lost. This person was the man known to many at Amat as well as to many in his own community simply as Paul. Paul Reyna. At the end of his senior year at Bishop Amat Paul was offered and accepted a football scholarship to Boise State University in Boise, Idaho. Paul was very excited because he was going to be able to do what he had promised his mom (in giving her four more years of football) as well as because he was going to be able to continue to play ball with his long time friend, Jason Turner (who was also going to Boise State on a football scholarship). These plans unfortunately were cut short just a few short months later. While taking part in his first scrimmage during practice at Boise State, Paul tripped over another player and hit his head on the artificial turf. Although able to get up and walk off the field under his own power, Paul would never recover from this injury. A few hours later Paul underwent a brain surgery that appeared to be a success. That success quickly turned however as Paul fell into a coma and later started to experience hemorages in his brain. Paul never woke from the coma and the decision to pull the plug was made a few days after. Paul was born on July 16, 1980 and left this world on the 23/24 of August, 1999. Paul enjoyed a wonderful four year stay at Bishop Amat where he excelled in both football and basketball and was perhaps the most identifiable person at the school over his time there. Known to all as a gentle giant, Paul made a great contribution not only to Amat as a whole, but to the lives of all that knew him as well. He was just simply a great person. One journalist for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune that had interviewed Paul earlier even said that Paul did not just symbolize the ideals of Bishop Amat but that "Paul Reyna was Bishop Amat." Playing football with and knowing Paul personally, I would have to say that this is very close to the truth. A person such as Paul comes around once in a great, great while and will be missed by a great magnitude of people for a countless amount of years to come. I know I will never forget him. The 1999 Bishop Amat football team wears a black Amat A on the left side of their helmets instead of the traditional gold A in remembrance of Paul.

Paul Arthur Reyna
July 16, 1980 - August 23/24, 1999