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The Red Shift Alien Race Sourcebook

This book is an one-hundred eighteen page expansion for the Red Shift SF RPG. It is full of information on the known major races of the Red Shift universe. Covers all the races in the game except Humans. Includes new information on the Jaernalith and the Nurgg, allowing them to played as character races.

The book has new hit tables for the alternate body parts found on many aliens, such as tails and tentacles. Includes character sheets for all the new races and creatures, and easy referance charts for hit locations for just about any kind of creature.

ISBN 1-929928-02-5 $20.00 US
Features Include:
Unique Professions
Alien Sub-Races
Psionic Abilities/Skills
Armor and Weapons
Beastmasters Animals
Hit Location Tables
Quick Reference Charts
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